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a bell rung to give a fire alarm

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The historic Air Ministry fire bell from the Battle of Britain Fighter Command Air Station, Biggin Hill, Kent, sold for pounds 5,760 at Bonhams in London yesterday.
On the plus side there are three double bedrooms and some interesting features such as the original fire bell, a quaint reminder (were it ever needed
Immediately upon entering, he enthusiastically threw himself to ringing the fire bell as loud and as long as his adrenalized strength would allow.
We found the main entrance, no one was to be seen, so we rang a bell on the wall which unfortunately was the fire bell.
A FIRE bell rang inside the Strathclyde Stadium but all Paul Martin could hear were the alarms going off in his head.
Seaside: Moment of silence and ringing of fire bell in tower of fire station.
Luckily, the fire bell was just a silly prank so nothing was damaged but it just goes to show how dangerously the situation is handled if the teachers think there's a fire.
Shaw's novel, The Way Life Should Be, and Edward's novel, Fire Bell in the Night, will both be published in September 2007 and both books will be available for purchase at bookstores nationwide, and at Borders, the bookseller for Gather.
Play resumed with Northamptonshire at 355 for five, but was almost immediately halted for 10 minutes by a fire bell and an evacuation of the Pavilion End of the ground.
THEIR first project was a ninefoot fire station, complete with loft, fire pole and a working fire bell.
It's a great old brick station house built in 1930 for $100,000, and was once the largest fire station west of the Mississippi - housing 28 firefighters, 12 fire apparatus, and six separate poles for the firemen to slide down when the fire bell sounded.
Angel": When Seton Hall University student Dana Christmas went to sleep one winter evening and was awoken by an early morning fire bell, which other students in the dorm shrugged off as just another false alarm, Dana took it seriously.
But when the fire bell rang at Central Station, she dropped everything, put on 90 pounds of gear and went "on scene" with the rest of the firefighters.
No sooner was Mr Opik beginning to squirm under the accusation of taking money out of the hands of babes than the fire bell went and the entire committee had to run for safety.