fire and brimstone

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(Old Testament) God's means of destroying sinners

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Replacing dire warnings about fire and brimstone after death with a call for immediate action on Earth, 85 evangelical leaders proclaimed, "This is God's world, and any damage that we do to God's world is an offense against God himself.
And Prof O'Laughlin said although Wales' chapels were once renowned for the fire and brimstone approach, Wales' high sympathy with religion was in spite of, rather then because of it.
If we were pretending to be fire and brimstone preachers telling everyone they were going to hell, no one would give a luck about what we said.
The publishing rights to Brown's books Fire and Brimstone (March 2004) and UnderCover (October 2004) have since been acquired by Strebor Books.
Smallpox survivor Zabdiel Boylston, a Boston apothecary, at the suggestion of the Reverend Cotton Mather (of fire and brimstone fame), visited slaves from Africa who had had the same experience as the Turkish women.
Fire and brimstone may give young athletes a lift but will it make them better athletes?
For in it they would find that the fire and brimstone and torment for ever and ever of the Lake of Fire is obviously a highly colourful and dramatic symbol of complete and utter destruction, for death and Hell were cast into the lake of fire.
Amidst all of the agonized self-searching of the preachers of my generation, I would have appreciated a little fire and brimstone, if only for the sake of novelty.
Sometimes that's just fine: dirges like "You Must Be Certain of the Devil" and "There Are No More Tickets to the Funeral" boom with Old Testament fire and brimstone, even on paper.
The fire and brimstone of fundamentalist Christianity seemed to underlie the sentiments of the delegates.
Does anyone seriously believe a fire and brimstone unionist like Ian Paisley would have welcomed such an arrangement if there was the slightest chance of it leading to the breakup of the UK?
It plays a fairly ordinary game of cricket but the fire and brimstone Ashes atmosphere is completely lacking due to the generic, cut-out crowd, dull commentary, and laughable player likenesses.
Sandler: I think our sense of evangelism is someone thumping a Bible, screaming about fire and brimstone and that sort of thing.
lt; The decor screams fire and brimstone, except for the occasional family photo and some of his 7-year-old daughter's drawings.
The Shakers' blend of incendiary backwoods rockabilly with fire and brimstone punk should be seen live for full effect.
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