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the seed-producing cone of a fir tree

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Holly, ivy, mistletoe and evergreens have been gathered, along with fir cones and coloured twigs to make the decorations.
Both grandkids collect sticks, fir cones and feathers, and I think if I'd let them, both would fill their sacks with dried animal droppings.
Those grafted trees grow up in about 10 years to become much more bountiful producers of fir cones than nature provides, Crawford said.
As a result, individuals will sometimes poach fir cones for the seed they can provide to the commercial Christmas tree growing industry.
95), made of fresh organic shore pine accented with Douglas Fir cones, expresses the spirit of winter cheer, and is a welcome departure from standard holiday fare.
Put in some mistletoe, providing some contrasting creamy white berries - and don't forget the fir cones.
My attempts to commune with nature were largely thwarted as safaris into the countryside saw the kids pushing each other, rowing, screeching at the top of their voices, and throwing fir cones at dad's head.
Keith's Christmas decorations range in price from pounds 5 to pounds 10, but if you plan to make your own, you'll need moss - available from any garden centre - plus whatever evergreens you have available, extra decorative items, which could include fir cones, dried red chillies, holly or mistletoe berries, apples, nutmegs, clusters of cinnamon sticks, small ornamental squashes and dried fruit and nuts plus ribbons, bows or candles.
In northern Canadian forests, the red squirrels, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus, survive winters thanks to caches of fir cones.
He recalls throwing fir cones at passing horses to make them bolt, and hurling them up into the conifer branches so it seemed to be raining fir cones on old ladies out for a stroll.
Chrissie remembers how they "walked miles and miles" to collect fir cones to make decorations and would go to the beach to gather sea coal.
Big roasting platters are good too and they can all be decorated with holly or fir cones.
When the water bailiff was out on the Till with his hounds hunting the sleek but savage salmon-taker the farmer's son and I hid in the woods and pelted the dogs with fir cones to distract them.
Think beyond the baubles and use touches of dried pomegranates, masses of fir cones, bundles of lavender or dried oranges and cinnamon sticks instead.
We love different-sized candles on a gold plate surrounded by contrasting baubles and fir cones sprayed gold or silver.