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the seed-producing cone of a fir tree

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When the water bailiff was out on the Till with his hounds hunting the sleek but savage salmon-taker the farmer's son and I hid in the woods and pelted the dogs with fir cones to distract them.
Something I remember whenever I see those tiny hind legs and tails tucked inside a fir cone.
Oh well, I still have a fir cone that lay within a foot of Tiger Woods' ball during the 1998 PGA tournament in Seattle.
Eugene's urban forester discovers what he believes to be the largest fir cone ever found in Lane County, only to find it is actually the remains of one of the city's turn-of-the-century tree sitters.
But it missed some of the pitchy fir cone seeds she also sometimes scatters.
The charmless, not-very-hard-looking-hardman with a fir cone wedged up his backside, has bewilderingly gone to war with enormous Shelley star and The Bill serial killer suspect Hywel Bennett and his sidekick, Eddie Santini.
Artist Andrew Galsworthy will supply the creative brains and has already completed three pens - one with a five-ton fir cone built from slate.
These specially coated fir cones create multi-coloured flames as they burn.
The bouquet was made by the bride and featured fir cones, conkers, felt and neoprene roses and hessian.
It's such a wonderful time because gardens and hedgerows are full of wonderful things you can use at this time of year, including bare stems, fir cones and berries.
This year, the forest itself becomes the decor: fir cones and acorns, deer, foxes and squirrels all become part of the decoration for winter.
1 Fir cones sprayed gold, silver or white and arranged in a bowl or basket look classy but understated.
99 If you're looking twist of your own to a room, we've got five ideas to get you thinking: Fir cones sprayed gold, silver or 1 white and arranged in a bowl or basket look classy but understated.