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a long narrow inlet of the sea between steep cliffs


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We could see muskox in every direction, feeding in the sunbathed willows along the fringes of the fiord.
Sinop is located at the farthermost northern end of Turkey's Black Sea region over a small peninsula with its tall trees, beaches, clean waters and its famous and unique fiord, Hamsilos, in Turkey.
Mr Haigh, who was responsible for ensuring planes took off and landed safely, also helped in raids on Malaysia and on the German battleship Tirpitz in a Norwegian fiord.
Voe is their word far a sheltered fiord," says Sandra, "and I decided to adopt it as my stage name.
Purdy's thrill at drifting with "the tides on Cumberland Sound and its blue fiord, [where] bergs and growlers are always in sight, even at the height of summer," (1) echoes the experience of many who visit the North; among them, Fred Machetanz, painter of iconic Alaska.
Fiord (Vicia faba) plants at a mean height of 150mm (pre-flowering) and 400 mm (flowering) were treated within the same wind tunnel for 8 h at a similar windspeed to that used in this experiment.
FRANK Larsen, the person I wish to have the information about, was a seaman in the Norwegian Merchant Navy and was aboard the flagship Oslo Fiord when she struck a mine off the Tyne during the last war.
It is 80 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean where the Homathko empties into the deep fiord of Butte Inlet whose entrance is just north of Desolation Sound and guarded by Quadra and Cortez Islands.
I lived for six months on an old trawler converted into a house boat, near the sewerage station on Oslo Fiord.
This creates fiord lakes that are usually long, twisty valley-floor lakes that run to bedrock valley walls on either side.
Slip a toilet paper tube onto the center part of the wire shape to form the body and bend the front section to form the fiord legs Bend head and neck from the hook and twisted portion of the hanger Use the back section to form the back legs.
To receive The Firearms Coalition's bi-monthly newsletter, The Knox fiord Corp Report, write to Box 1761, Dept.
Howe Sound Brewing Company is located in Squamish, BC, at the head of Howe Sound, a 40- mile mountain lined fiord north of Vancouver.