finnan haddock

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haddock usually baked but sometimes broiled with lots of butter

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Your cooked salmon and finnan haddock can now be flaked into a large warm pot or bowl.
Placed a piece of Finnan haddock on top of the tomatoes and place a mound (about 1cm thick) of the Welsh rarebit cheese mix on top of your Finnan haddock.
TODAY'S Finnan haddock dish has the true seal of approval - it gave a Beach Boy good vibrations.
Add the Finnan haddock, shelled mussels, peeled prawns and the green parts of the leeks.
The haggis could be kept on the back burner and used at Ne'erday, whereas the Finnan haddock is so simple to make, this dish could happily be assigned to the weakest culinary link in your abode.
Place the Finnan haddock in a wide bottom pan with the milk and bring to a gentle simmer.
So to warm you up, simply conjure up this hearty fish chowder where the finnan haddock does all the hard work for you, packing this dish with flavour.
The Finnan haddock fish cakes, however, were superb and Jan reckoned they were "probably the best I've tasted".
The types of fish available for use in this dish could be selected from smoked or fresh salmon, kippers, Finnan haddock or even crab.
Finnan haddock provides a very tasty alternative to salmon.
Take the basics, Finnan haddock (or golden cutlets), potatoes, onions, leeks, milk and cream.
Next time, I'll try one of the home-made pizzas or perhaps the Penne Pasta "Scozzese" with Finnan Haddock and cream.