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the quality of being finite

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In fact, religious experience is that of the relation between man and God, between finitude and transcendence--not only originating from the finite itself--that opens itself to welcome that which transcends it, supersedes it, conditions it without being able to grasp its unpronounceable, unobjectifiable, unconditionable characteristics, according to what God himself has posited as content of the relation.
Leon Kass, one of the apologists, suggests in his 2002 book, Life, Liberty, and the Defense of Dignity: The Challenge for Bioethics, that finitude is not merely inevitable but desirable because it prevents procrastination--it pushes us to make something of life before it is too late.
Human finitude is not the only relevant factor in the development of the modern business organization; another is human sin.
And over all the finitudes of time, power and opportunity hold sway.
Questionar o sentido do ser é revisitar o lugar desde o qual se instauram as possibilidades de ser do ser humano, sem saltar por cima da sua finitude, da sua historicidade.
disclose finitude as common human destiny, but rather distorts it into
In his willingness to think through the impossible irreconcilability of the Greek condition--that tragedy has no resolution, that history defies sublation, that ethics poses problems to which reason alone can not find answers--Schmidt has helped to clear a path of questioning that makes us ever more aware of our finitude and limits.
I kind of accept my finitude - as if I had a choice.
Lynch explains why he feels limitation and finitude is the great human good.
In two early, but foundational, works, "Animal Songs" (Day, 1996) and "Diagrammatic Bodies" (Day, 1998), I investigated the issue of community in terms of the "in-common" relations of beings, including humans and other animals, that occur within three horizons of bodily relation and temporality: language, physical extension, and finitude.
To be existential," writes Cotkin,"is to wrestle most fully with the jagged awareness of one's own finitude, with the thunderbolt fact that my death will be my own, experienced by no one else.
With STREB we feel, when catapulted into the unknown, the splat when we encounter the finitude of our environment or our own arc of time.
Given the anxieties evident about aging and parenting in recent films from the storied Film Board, such as Cordell Barker's Strange Invaders and now Chris Hinton's Flux, it looks like the terror of time's finitude is a cold stare coming out of their animation stands.
But "once we acknowledge and accept our finitude, we can concern ourselves with living well, and care first and most for the well-being of our souls, and not so much for their mere existence," he writes.
So, contrary to Gier's "titanistic" model, Sartre's conc eption of absolute human freedom in conjunction with his theory of consciousness condemns man to an inescapably finite, non-godlike condition of frustration, finitude, suffering, and anxiety.