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the quality of being finite

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Pilar Villar-Argaiz reads the influence of Catholicism and finitude in "The Dead" and Joyce's saturated communities as being "composed by singularities rather than by homogeneous individualities" (59).
Mas pode tambem, tomando 'consciencia' do seu ser-no-mundo, da sua finitude, escolher por razoes proprias, decidir-se segundo um projeto pessoal e autentico.
This appeal to limits is reminiscent of the analytic of finitude proper to the modern mode of being in the West, when "man [.
tends to see in Aquinas's view a human nature hampered in the pursuit of its final end by an intrinsic finitude, others might argue that Aquinas is emphasizing the joy of coming to know God's creation through sense and understanding.
28) The nothingness of correlationist philosophy points to the finitude of human existence: the failed voices in Shelley's "desart.
Religions of the world have, for millennia, helped people come to terms with finitude," Pargament says.
Looking in turn at the metaphysics of time, time, and temporality, he considers such topics as the paradoxes of the Parmenides, time and inner-temporality in Aristotle's Physics, the aporiae of the constitution of time, the phenomenological amplitude of the concept of change, the event as guiding thread, from time to temporality, the future and availability, the temporal meaning of selfhood, the mobility of adventure and freedom, and the finitude of temporality.
Treating themes as vast and well studied as time, memory, loss and finitude is a challenge for critics.
And to crown it all, it was that hoariest of philosophical concepts, Time, that proved central to Hagglund's revision--not the Sign, not the Other, but Time: Time as autoimmune, as radical non-coincidence, as the trace of a finitude "that makes the fullness of being unthinkable as such" (Hagglund 2009, 30).
We are invested in survival, and thus in a mortal life, precisely because it can be lost: "it is because of temporal finitude that one cares about life in the first place" (8).
This in turn requires transcending the contingent and limited perspective imposed by culture and human finitude in order to see the world as it is in itself.
Com base nesse entendimento, torna-se essencial adotar uma pratica assistencial que esteja fundamentada no bem-estar biopsicossocial e espiritual da pessoa em sua finitude, a fim de proporcionar uma melhor qualidade de vida e minimizar o sofrimento durante a doenca terminal (3).
We're the embodied ones, the ones of woman born, and what do we do but throw ourselves round the world in aeroplanes, railing against the constraints of earthly existence, of gravity, finitude, distance, dark.
Et d'artiste precisement, il chante un titre qui lui est dedie, titillant par la un amour propre en evoquant cette destinee que les hommes et femmes de l'art ont pour finitude.
Concealment and untruth are however part of the natural disposition of Dasein, and a component of humanity's finitude (Heidegger, 1927).