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with a finite limit

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Wilson, 1982, Rational Cooperation in the Finitely Repeated Prisoners' Dilemma, Journal of Economic Theory, 27(2): 245-252.
Let (W, S) be a finitely generated Coxeter system, where S = {[s.
His topics include how the embeddability of locally finite metric spaces into Banach space is finitely determined, constructions of embeddings, Banach spaces that do not admit uniformly coarse embeddings of expanders, applying Markov chains to embeddability problems, and Lipschitz free spaces.
If you are a first-year student unsure wither to apply for a placement next summer, I think you die finitely should.
Our first analysis shows that for any discount rate, depreciation rate, and initial cost of creation, there are creations for which infinitely lived copyright protection is socially preferred to any finitely lived copyright.
Furthermore, the boundary P is a union of finitely many straight-line intervals, and counting integral points in intervals.
Try going online to look for a more specific explanation, and it will make you glad Larson chose recognizable words, as opposed to this description from one website: A fusion category is a rigid, semisimple, linear (Vect-enriched) monoidal category, with only finitely many isomorphism classes of simple objects, such that the endomorphisms of the unit object form just the ground field k.
The first part consists of Sections 2 and 3, where we discuss the Riesz stability of finitely many multivariate exponentials.
Through the use of this technology and the collation of data from other sources such as web analytics, social media monitoring tools and SEO metrics, The B2B Marketing Lab's teams are able to finitely measure every aspect of marketing - including most offline activities - and report on specific channels' ROI and their impact on the sales pipeline.
Ifb oth I'll HaveA notherand Camelottu rnu ponthe dayand performlikethey haves o far, thenthey will bothde finitely win.
Rather than mapping a world according to a predetermined structure, apprehending is finitely indeterminate.
Arguing against process theology, Neville entertains a 'fullness-of-being' conception of God that, he claims, acknowledges that the world participates finitely in God's fullness of being, even though a difficulty arises in explaining how God creates determinate multiplicity.
It is a simple observation that there can only be finitely many transversals in H.
finitely ly an to and e e see Tottenham supporters are praying that, if Redknapp does leave, he will have first guided the club to FA Cup glory AND a place in the Champions League.
It is well known that in the classical Shannon sampling theory on bandlimited signals, any finitely many missing samples can be recovered when the signal is oversampled at a rate higher than the minimum Nyquist rate.