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bounded or limited in magnitude or spatial or temporal extent

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Ceding companies will have to make new disclosures of finite reinsurance contracts beginning with the year-end 2005 financial statements.
com) permits the transformation of finite element models into new models before complete CAD and associated finite element models become available.
Microsoft[R] Business Solutions is offering Preactor[R] 200 Finite Capacity Scheduling (FCS)/Finite Production Scheduling product integration with its Microsoft Business Solutions Manufacturing-Great Plains[R] solution.
We validated the model against the full finite element and finite volume solution of Ian A.
Key words: analytical modeling; cumulative superposition; diamond indenter; FEA; finite element analysis; indentation; Rockwell hardness; self-similarity.
The word that will define whether 1999 will be another year of across-the-board price increases and non-stop activity is "finite" - the finite number of sites available to build residential housing in Manhattan and the boroughs; the finite number of properties that can be feasibly and profitably renovated and converted; and the finite number of people who can actually afford and are willing to pay - the ever-upward asking prices of residential properties.
In giving birth to the finite, God himself inevitably assumes a certain passivity in regard to the autonomy of finite being, a passivity that may render him vulnerable and that indeed, according to the Christian mystery of the Incarnation, has induced him personally to share the very suffering of finite being" (64).
has introduced Finite Capacity Scheduling, a powerful new application designed to improve manufacturing efficiencies, as a feature of MAX Version 3.
Moreover, even from a few thousand meters above the ground, it isn't readily apparent to an observer, convinced that Earth is a finite object, whether the slightly curved patch below represents a portion of the surface of a sphere, a doughnut, or an irregular blob.
Over the past several decades, the finite element method has become a popular technique in civil engineering for predicting the response of structures and materials; however, until recently it was rarely used in the design of roadside hardware such as guardrails, bridge rails, and sign supports.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Finite Element Analysis Software market in North America to grow at a CAGR of 9.
Professors at City University London introduce the finite element method as a tool for simulating the behavior of electromagnetic fields in a photonic device, and explain the different forms of finite element-based methods that are widely used in the photonics field.
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