finishing touch

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a final touch

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The brand-new Finishing Touch collection combines music and lights with festive illustrations and cheerful messages for an interactive and innovative way to connect with the important people in your life this holiday season.
Outdoor lanterns are a pretty finishing touch for any garden and give a warm glow to evening gatherings Outdoor lanterns are a pretty finishing touch for any garden and give a warm glow to evening gatherings Wilko Get Gardening weathered effect small square lantern, PS10, wilko.
Chosen for their visual presence and cuddle quotient, they're a perfect finishing touch for any room.
com)-- Norris of Houston offers Lily and Laura bracelets at The Finishing Touch boutique.
The pair set up the firm in 2008 and have been employed in several contracts in the care home sector, working with architects on the layout of the buildings themselves before adding a bespoke finishing touch to the decoration.
pre-spotted for the finishing touch bodysilk merz-erised,
The Finishing Touch Academy, Dubai's answer to all things etiquette and the art of living, has made it its mission (at least for this week) to add a bit of refinement to the musical scene with a live performance of classical Iranian music this Saturday.
Accessories can make or break your party look, so make sure you shop around for some fabulous little extras to give your outfit the perfect finishing touch.
event management business, The Finishing Touch (Corporate Events) Limited
An oak bench provides the finishing touch and the perfect sheltered spot for promenaders to enjoy their fish and chips.
This detail was the finishing touch to the portrait of Noriega as a bestial tyrant worthy of being deposed at the point of U.
Called The Finishing Touch: A Guide to Specifying North American Hardwood Species and Finishes, Tips #11 is a spin-off of the Council's new Finishing Touch CD.
Invotec has released The Finishing Touch [TM], an advanced professional teeth-whitening system that offers the ENT/plastic surgeon an additional service that can enhance facial cosmetic procedures.
If the pattern on the pillow incorporates all the major colors in the furniture, it's a successful finishing touch.
Finishing Touch Cars has launched an initiative offering to help local schools by providing them with a free, one-hour limo session.