finishing touch

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a final touch

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Then you can put Solomon's ring upon your left thumb and give him the finishing stroke, but keep the ring on your third finger until you have come close to him, so that the monster cannot see you, else he might strike you dead with his long tail.
When the finishing stroke was put to his work, it suddenly expanded before the eyes of the astonished artist into the fairest of all the creations of Brahma.
It's a brand new car -- a 2015 model -- and Al Rawi is not sure whether it is to be auctioned after she lays the finishing strokes.
Horizontal and circumferential strokes are finishing strokes that are longer and lighter and used when root smoothing.
Performing comedy remains the cornerstone of Tyler's career, but she's putting the finishing strokes on a female buddy-action movie to be directed by the acclaimed John Woo, and recently shot a sit-com pilot backed by Friends costar Lisa Kudrow's production company.