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a private school for girls that emphasizes training in cultural and social activities

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Erica Thompson, 21, has just graduated from the finishing school as well as from Huddersfield University, where she studied law.
Sally, who is now in her 40s and describes herself as an English visionary and romantic, attended one as a teenager in the 1970s and dreamed of opening her own school ever since and has now set up Sally Darley's English Finishing School.
This, in turn, has given impetus to several finishing schools for corporates being set up across the country.
After accompanying the family into exile in Dharamsala, India, Pema was educated at finishing schools in Switzerland and London.
CIA spy satellites have exposed a complex of fake "villages" in Iran as finishing schools for 5,000 of the world's most fanatical terrorists.
These arbiters of properness usually get their early training in middle-class homes, then go off to colleges and universities - finishing schools, in effect - where they learn how to talk proper .
The Ian Rush Finishing School will take place at the Spa town's Trinity School from April 17-20 and they will be designed for players of all ages - Goal Getters (ages 5-8), Strike Force (9-12) and Premier Class (13 plus).