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a private school for girls that emphasizes training in cultural and social activities

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PAF Finishing School is the first of its kind in Asia, which is a step by Pakistan Air Force towards the promotion of education and literacy in the country.
The Finishing School for Modern Women is Miller's latest endeavor and a solid foundation promises great things.
This book will appeal to readers of the first Finishing School novel in this series, as well as to readers who like science fiction within a historical setting.
In the 50s Switzerland was home to some of the finest finishing schools in the world, but they have been in steady decline over the last few decades.
Graduation ceremony of PAF Finishing School Islamabad was held at the Air Headquarters Officers' Mess.
Pria Warrick, president and executive director of her eponymously named finishing school in Delhi, explains: "India has a lot of brain but where we lose out is our presentation.
com)-- Deborah King, AICI, CIP, President and Founder of Final Touch Finishing School was selected from over 5,000 submissions to be featured in The 2011 Woman's Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar.
Anyway, yet another reality show where Tristrams and Jocastas are made to rub shoulders with the Darrens and Biancas of this world turned up on BBC Three last week, called Peckham Finishing School For Girls.
Churchill's Spy School (Monday, History, 9pm) is a look behind the scenes of a finishing school for British Secret Agents from Noreen Riols, who went to work there aged just 18.
Follower of fashion Abandoned by his parents as a baby, abused in a children's home and finishing school with no qualifications, designer Jojo Remeny is putting his past behind him as he forges a life for himself in the highly competitive fashion and music industries.
This event was designed to be a finishing school for these young cricketers.
The finishing school opens its doors for the inelegant eight, as the staff attempt to transform the likes of Doncaster student Laura, who has an ASBO.
Advice was given by representatives from the further education, sixth-form and work-based learning sectors which are the three main routes students can take after finishing school at 16.