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a decorative texture or appearance of a surface (or the substance that gives it that appearance)

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Because approximately 70-80% of a foundry's finishing expenses are in cut-off and belt grinding, we will concentrate on these operations in discussing how to calculate total grinding costs and optimize finishing operations.
Edward Perez, primary physician at The Physician's Finishing Touch, is one of the highest trained dermatology doctors in the country -- holding several medical patents and inventing and creating new techniques and equipment which increase life long wellness and assist patients in achieving their personal best.
In addition to the benefits provided by an efficient shakeout operation (see Part 10 of this series, modern casting, Oct 1989, p 45-47), other benefits are afforded in the finishing room.
After an introductory chapter covering the importance of chemical finishing, the following chapters focus on particular finishing techniques, from softening, easy-care and permanent press, non-slip and soil-release, to flame-retardant, antistatic and antimicrobial.
The finishing systems will be installed throughout Quad/Graphics' nationwide network of facilities during the next 18 months.
Watkinson won the Grand Am race last Saturday night at Irwindale Speedway, finishing ahead of longtime friend Joe Ruggles of Palmdale, who was second.
Cygnus Business Media, a leading, diversified business-to-business media company, announced today that its Cygnus Publishing division has acquired Finishing & Restoration magazine from Woodland Hills, California's McCloskey Communications.
Crafton was caught in a wreck late in the race that collected seven trucks and ended any chance of his finishing high at Daytona.
Carrie Busch and Leanne Schuster had their best finish of the season placing third after finishing fifth at Huntington Beach.
She hadn't even won a league championship before this season and didn't qualify for last year's state finals after finishing 10th as a freshman in 2003.
Using the Big Bertha C4 Driver and the HX Red golf ball, Johansson had a driving accuracy of 100 percent while finishing fourth in driving distance at 295.
Ethan Allen's (NYSE:ETH) Cherry Hill Manufacturing Division, in Union City, Erie County, Pennsylvania, has received the 2001 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence in recognition of an innovative technology and finishing system developed at the furniture manufacturing plant to substantially reduce waste and air pollution.
Sophomore Katie Dunn had to take two weeks off before the Foothill League finals, but finished third in that race; she followed up that performance by finishing sixth in her heat at last week's Southern Section prelims.
Morton is committed to delivering the highest quality and lowest total-cost powder finishing solutions to customers throughout the world.
finishing in the top 10 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway has been as close to a sure thing as possible.