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Synonyms for finis

the temporal end

the concluding part of any performance

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This subsequent post-Tridentine casuist tradition--named for its focus on particular moral cases--typically relies upon a distinction between the finis operis and the finis operantis, (21) which as Servais Pinckaers and others have argued is really not operative in the work of Thomas himself.
With the translation of Aristotle's Ethics into Latin at the beginning of the thirteenth century, the question of natural love encompassed philosophical themes, such as contemplation as the finis hominis, the proper object of contemplation, the dilemma of choosing the communal good over the individual good, and the primacy of the will or intellect.
noun premodifiers" like ol and evry, "pronoun postmodifiers" like plante and evriwan, "preverbal auxiliaries" like stap and mas, and "verb postmodifiers" like finis and yet), "interrogatives", "complex sentence markers" (like, for example, mo 'and', be 'but', and sapos 'if'), "interjections and vocatives", and "words with several functions".
Natural Visions: The Power of Images in American Environmental Reform, by Finis Dunaway.
Nevertheless, its finis brought me nothing but a sense of relief.
The Finis SwiMP3 ($250) uses bone-conduction technology to deliver sound directly from the cheekbone to the inner ear, meaning no more muffled music.
Des activites de transformation depassant la capacite, la pression permanente exercee sur les prix payes par les acheteurs finaux pour les produits finis, notamment au Royaume-Uni, en Allemagne et aux Pays-Bas, pays ou un volume important se vend a un prix situe entre 99 centimes et 1,49 le kilo et la croissance lente de la demande des consommateurs; tous ces elements continuent a poser de serieux problemes aux producteurs de pommes de terre surgelees d'Europe.
Clear-cut chances had been scarce but former Worcester City, Moor Green and Solihull Borough player Shepherd was unerring with his finis,h when he volleyed home a cross into bottom corner to seal a home tie for Malvern against Nationwide South title contenders Histon a week on Saturday.
He is at once the finis legis (to the end of the law) and the prima veritas (the first truth).
His novel Finis Terrae appeared in 1995 and his extraordinary anthology Die Erfindung der Poesie: Gedichte aus den ersten viertausend Jahren, which includes translations of poetry from ancient Sumer, Greece, Rome, the medieval Arab world, dark-age Ireland, Aquitaine, medieval Italy, and 14th century Wales, was published by Eichborn in 1998.
Starting a successful project; The physical model; Recipes: Part 1: Procedures; Recipes Part 2: All the other stuff; Linking recipes to equipment; Other important batch control items; Batch activities and information management (the cactus model); System specification and design; Specifying and designing equipment phases; Writing phase logic; Starting your system right the first time; Finis
The finis written by the Talibs to Buddhism should be only "a wrong rectified," in their eyes.
MARK: Has anybody seen the new drive that Finis Conner was promoting?
In this context, the last sentence of the novel, "Je finis mon histoire, avant que la nuit ne debouche sur la lumiere du jour" (I am ending my story before night gives way to daylight), is difficult to interpret.
Six members of the group - Randy Nelson, Finis (Rick) Walker, Dean Pleasant, Gary Bauer, and Gary and Ellen Belliveau - were charged with "conspiracy to furnish instruction in the use of explosive devices and other techniques in furtherance of civil disorder.