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Synonyms for finis

the temporal end

the concluding part of any performance

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ne, de et autres amidons, produits plastiques finis et semi finis, caisses et caissettes en bois, papier hygiAaAaAeA@nique, tapis, ouvrages en asphalt marbre et granit finis, cAaAaAeA@ramique finie, glace et verre, moissonneu batteuse, articles de robinetterie sanitaire, fils et cAaAaAeAcbles, tracteu agricoles, chaises et meubles, lustres, produits dAaAaAeA@tergents, ciment articles AaAaAeA@lectromAaAaAeA@nagers et tAaAaAeA@lAaAaAeA@phones
His storage industry experience includes being a member of the early Seagate management team, working with founders Al Shugart and Finis Conner, as well as being part of the founding management team of Conner Peripherals.
CHELSEA defender Alex says he wants to finis h his career at Stamford Bridge.
The book was first published in French by Hermes Science/Lavoisier under the title, Electromagnetisme et elementis finis, Vol.
Words from the Latin finis have something to do with ends or limits.
IHAV E just finis hed making my bun loaves using my grandma's recipe.
In this first question Thomas writes that a human or moral act "is ordained to one proximate end (the finis proximus), from which it has its [moral] species" or kind (ad 3).
With the translation of Aristotle's Ethics into Latin at the beginning of the thirteenth century, the question of natural love encompassed philosophical themes, such as contemplation as the finis hominis, the proper object of contemplation, the dilemma of choosing the communal good over the individual good, and the primacy of the will or intellect.
Nevertheless, its finis brought me nothing but a sense of relief.
The Finis SwiMP3 ($250) uses bone-conduction technology to deliver sound directly from the cheekbone to the inner ear, meaning no more muffled music.
Yoplait Dairy Crest is encouraging mums to turn its chilled Frubes product into summer holiday frozen treats with three ice-cream-style fromage finis flavours.
estudiante de Literatura en la Universidad Finis Terrae, casa de estudio
He is at once the finis legis (to the end of the law) and the prima veritas (the first truth).
Judges Special Prize: Finis Terrae Director: Fulvio Mariani Production: Museo Della Montagna
Starting a successful project; The physical model; Recipes: Part 1: Procedures; Recipes Part 2: All the other stuff; Linking recipes to equipment; Other important batch control items; Batch activities and information management (the cactus model); System specification and design; Specifying and designing equipment phases; Writing phase logic; Starting your system right the first time; Finis