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an ornament at the top of a spire or gable

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Ng says he wanted to create the illusion that the newel and handrail were created from a single piece of wood flowing into the Bird's Egg finial.
Finials and chain pulls make for handy items to have around when redecorating any room.
Round white finial, two pack, PS3; fleur de lis style, >Hogtidlig finial, two pack, PS6; Blast finial, black, two pack, PS5, Ikea
Ekby Osten shelf and bracket PS16, Racka curtain rod PS2, finials PS3 for two Japanese-style bed frame from storage units Rest a plywood panel on five wooden legs, wrap it in a cotton bedsheet then slot three units underneath it, one on each side.
White or cream canvas fabric Mod Podge Stuffy Fabric Stiffener Pearlized paints Dowel rod and 2 finials
The earthenware is relatively soft and these elaborate finials were often the first things to suffer from knocks.
He said: "It has Gothic windows, a solid handmade oak stable door, 'Old Father Time' weather vane, dragon and griffin finials.
he 24-year-old later found out whom England would face in the finials in South Africa next year by asking his pals in the hotel.
Masonry ball finials which once adorned the building
Some manufacturers pointed to substantial hollow-handled looks with finials, such as Reed & Barton's appropriately named Finial, as well as distressed and antiqued finishes, as the new traditional in flatware.
Meanwhile, a steel tube rail, which crematorium bosses admit was totally out of character with the listed crematorium building and colonnade, has been replaced with a traditional wrought iron railing with gold finials.
Then, create Rich Zooms of all these finials to showcase their workmanship.
Go to any Home Depot store's lumber department and pick up two fence post finials and two fence post caps.