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an alphabet of manual signs

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Learning to fingerspell twice: Young signing children's acquisition of fingerspelling.
These kinds of difficulties are inherent to communication with people with deaf-blindness, and each method of communicating with these persons--whether fingerbraille, fingerspelling, tactile sign language, or another method--has attempted to address these challenges.
She also uses Deafblind Manual - a for m of fingerspelling the alphabet on the hands.
For children who are deaf or have severe hearing losses, early, consistent, and conscious use of visible communication modes (such as sign language, fingerspelling, and Cued Speech) are often beneficial.
Fingerspelling is the common strategy for introducing novel or unfamiliar words.
Instead of fingerspelling and confirming all of the digits in an account number, for example, the user can simply type the number on the VRS Notepad where it is immediately visible to the interpreter.
Most researchers have identified British reliance on fingerspelling (rather than a form of signed language as developed in France by Roch-Ambroise-Auguste Bebian) as at least a precursor to oralism.
Below 15 fps, fingerspelling can become distorted, especially if it is done at normal rates.
The ASL PLATINUM edition is a 4 CD-ROM set that includes the Dictionary, 101 Basic Signs, and 2 additional discs: Mexican Sign Language/American Sign Language Translator and Fingerspelling & Numbers.
Under the slogan "Your hands can say so much" the BDA is asking you to sign your name using British two-handed fingerspelling and signing a postcard to Tony Blair asking the Government to back the campaign.
Knowing how to communicate with a deaf-blind client involves much more than just knowing a communication system such as fingerspelling or signs.
Verizon Wireless and Mobile-Mind today announced the launch of Mobile-Mind's ASL (American Sign Language) Fingerspelling application on Verizon Wireless Get It Now(SM)-enabled phones.
Linguistic Issues Inform Interpreting (LII): Interpreter's TAP demonstrates awareness of specific linguistic issues when working between English as ASL and how those will influence the interpretation (ex: sign choices for introducing unfamiliar vocabulary, use of name signs, use of fingerspelling, etc.