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an alphabet of manual signs

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These web resources, however, lack clarity of the sign language content and do not allow users to explore the use of sign language by forming their own sign language sentences and fingerspelling of words.
When interacting with deafblind entrepreneurs, assistance was provided by professional interpreters, employees who know sign language or fingerspelling, or family members.
Learning to fingerspell twice: Young signing children's acquisition of fingerspelling.
1) Transcription conventions: small capital letters = sign glosses given in English, RH = right hand, LH = left hand, # = fingerspelling, cl = verbs of location, motion, and orientation, _ = continuous sign, static = stationary/not moving, move to .
Kitto was not the only deaf poet who felt ambivalent about participating in a genre tied to sound and speech: about a dozen American and British deaf poets, who used signed languages or fingerspelling to communicate, published one or more volumes of work during the Victorian period.
If the deaf adult cannot read, he or she will not use fingerspelling to a great extent (Andrews and al, 2004).
She was interviewed by Ann Bancroft, fingerspelling to her.
She also uses Deafblind Manual - a for m of fingerspelling the alphabet on the hands.
Tail in the treetop tail in the tiny toolshed tail in the turnips": The clues cleverly use language and an extra clue is added through the use of Fingerspelling in American Sign Language.
For children who are deaf or have severe hearing losses, early, consistent, and conscious use of visible communication modes (such as sign language, fingerspelling, and Cued Speech) are often beneficial.
Deaf signers and serial recall in the visual modality: Memory for signs, fingerspelling and print.
Fingerspelling is the common strategy for introducing novel or unfamiliar words.
Hall of Fame pitcher Joe McGinnity was said to be careless with his fingerspelling.