fingerprint specialist

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a specialist in identifying fingerprints

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This information is transmitted to an AFIS hub where fingerprint specialists prepare it for database searches.
The forces typically employed scientific support managers, scene-of-crime officers (SOCOs), and fingerprint specialists.
On Wednesday, the striking workers forced city officials to shut 22 of the city's 59 swimming pools because of inadequate staffing, and the Los Angeles Police Department said it was deferring most cases that needed fingerprint specialists.
Fire experts will examine the house along with fingerprint specialists.
Durham and Cleveland Police fingerprint specialists have been checking the kiosk in McMullen Road, from which the call was made at 3.
Certification of criminalists, questioned document examiners, latent fingerprint specialists, and other forensic specialists is not mandatory in California.
Fingerprint specialists examine crime scene evidentiary materials using chemicals, powders, lasers, and alternate-light sources to detect and develop latent prints.
Russell said he supports restoring the full identification process, but said the department would need permission to hire three additional fingerprint specialists to handle the extra workload of print comparisons for positive identification.
The LAPD is reassigning half of its San Fernando Valley fingerprint specialists to downtown, despite claims by some police officials that the move could severely hinder the ability of detectives to quickly solve Valley crimes.
Two of the four forensic fingerprint specialists working in the San Fernando Valley have been notified that they are being transferred downtown this month as part of an effort to reduce the citywide backlog of print comparisons and because the Valley workload has declined.
However, some of the 40 fingerprint specialists in the LAPD said that can be done by reassigning existing downtown employees to the task, without reducing the staff in the Valley.
One West Valley detective, who asked not to be named, said there is generally a shortage of fingerprint specialists in the LAPD, which delays returns on fingerprint evidence.
The fingerprint specialists in the Valley respond to about 65 crime scenes each month, including homicides, bank robberies, rapes and burglaries.