fingerprint expert

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a specialist in identifying fingerprints

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The Namibian Police Force played host to the first working group meeting for regional fingerprint experts from the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Co-operation Organisation (SARPCCO).
Each month 250 suspects are identified by force fingerprint experts out of around 1,000 cases a month.
For example, when prints found at a crime scene lead the police to a suspect, and other independent evidence confirms the suspect's presence at the scene, this corroboration indicates that the fingerprint expert has made a correct identification.
Still a working actor, he recently taped a guest appearance on TV's ``NYPD Blue'' as a fingerprint expert.
Police chiefs have been ordered to explain why they are refusing to re-employ a sacked fingerprint expert.
Giving evidence yesterday, Dyfed-Powys Police fingerprint expert Stephen Penhallurick described how the bloodsoaked, stainless steel kitchen knife taken from the murder scene was examined for fingerprints using chemicals including a protein dye.
By PAUL HIGGINS A FINGERPRINT expert said he is "100% certain" he uncovered palm prints belonging to a loyalist killer in a hijacked taxi used in another sectarian murder.
WORCESTER - Corroborating the testimony of an earlier witness, a state police fingerprint expert told a jury yesterday that Ronald C.
The disaster victim identification (DVI) team, which includes a pathologist, odontologist and fingerprint expert, will assist experts from New Zealand and Australia in the process, which has been hindered by the catastrophic injuries suffered by many of the victims.
Friedrich SCHWINDT and fingerprint expert Dariusz Mazurek.
Australia equally provided needed support during Namibia's transition to independence through contributing 613 army engineers to the United Nations Transitional Assistance Group (UNTAG), as well as an electoral organisation expert, 27 electoral supervisors and a fingerprint expert to assist in the conduct of the Election for the Constituent Assembly held in November 1989 under UN Security Council Resolution 435.
Mr McConnell was fuming that the programme had not mentioned a change of evidence about the McKie case by a fingerprint expert.
Det Con Holmes and fingerprint expert Roger Bunn, have been awarded police commendations for their efforts.
These changes and many others have come about since Lavery made the decision to join Liverpool City Council in 1963 as a trainee fingerprint expert at 16.