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Synonyms for fingerprint

a print made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger

a generic term for any identifying characteristic

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a smudge made by a (dirty) finger

take an impression of a person's fingerprints

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Courts have not extended any constitutionally based privacy right to people who are required to prove their identity with a fingerprint, although the government may have to show that it has a reasonable public purpose for taking a fingerprint.
So far, the best way to match up the right information with the right people is through fingerprints - or digitized ``finger images'' as they are more commonly called now to soften the ink-mess, gangster image of the old term.
It's thrown the legal system for a loop because it is much mre powerful than any ID technique they've had other than normal fingerprints.
Manufacturers of USB flash drives, hard disk drives (HDDs) and other portable storage devices are turning to UPEK's complete hardware-based fingerprint solution for the highest level of biometric security and convenience available today," said Vito Fabbrizio, Director of Portable Storage Solutions for UPEK, Inc.
Six new families of related DNA fingerprint patterns were also proposed for isolates containing 6-15 copies of IS6110.
Clinton's work as a lawyer in Arkansas, revealed fingerprints of five others.
Eventually, the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) technologies, when fully operational, will reduce the use of nonbiometric identification because positive identification will be available in minutes.
Gill, Jeffreys and Werrett produced DNA fingerprints from samples that might be available to a detective: 4-year-old bloodstains and semen stains on cloth.
One of those security features is a fingerprint biometric template, which shall be "conforming to a standard".
In addition, including the fingerprint of the mother on the infant's footprint document links the child to the mother, eliminating any doubt of parentage.
A fingerprint scan may someday be your ticket to getting into a building, logging on to a computer, withdrawing money from an ATM, or getting your lunch at school.
This trial does not require dusting the fingerprint, so it is your "control.
Further investigation by genotyping with an method revealed that the capacity of the IS6110 method to differentiate strains was roughly proportional to the number of bands present in the original fingerprint pattern.
Although police agencies can have a well-managed records office, occasionally, some agencies do not fingerprint until obtaining a disposition for pending charges on an individual.
NIST revised the standard and managed the ANSI approval procedures for the Data Format for the Interchange of Fingerprint, Facial, & Scar Mark & Tattoo (SMT) Information, ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000.