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the imputation of blame

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However, rather than take the view the publicity surrounding the athletes is bad for sport, the WADA chief thinks it should be seen as a positive, particularly as most of the fingerpointing in the past has come from the USA.
In attempting to scuttle the investigation, Bush administration officials may be fearful that the commission will engage in fingerpointing or yield to the temptation to engage in wholesale, irresponsible second-guessing.
Business owners need to stop fingerpointing at government to help them; government is doing its part, now small business needs to do theirs.
And that is going to be difficult, as I say, if we allow the politics of blame, grievance and fingerpointing to be the prism [through] which every single political interaction is seen.
When something goes wrong there is no fingerpointing.
This fingerpointing, if it is fingerpointing, must stop before we get into some serious accusations,'' Krieger's memo said.
FINGERPOINTING Davies and Fontaine ALL SMILES City's standin boss Keith Millen RELIANT ROBIN Liam Fontaine is mobbed by City team-mates after hitting the net again
It led to cruel whispering and fingerpointing and false allegations they had to go to court to refute.
England captain Vickery also wants an end to the fingerpointing that followed second-half struggles against opening Six Nations opponents Wales and Italy.
One suspects, however, they won't rest in peace as the repercussions induce a wave of soulsearching, back-stabbing and fingerpointing across the red half of the city.
I think our pilots have had their fill of complaints, smokescreens, and fingerpointing by Craig Burzych in the O'Hare tower," said Capt.
Every minute that is wasted by fingerpointing, fighting fires, or chasing disparate symptoms of endpoint and application performance problems has a direct, bottom-line impact on business productivity," said Alan Robin, Xangati president and CEO.
Open mouths all-round and a brief moment of fingerpointing among the Albion defenders.