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the imputation of blame

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56) Doug McLeod, The Coming Conflicts: The Potential Environmental Liability and Related Issues Pursuant to Fracking Present a Variety of Risks--and the Possibility of Fingerpointing, Risk AND Ins.
Now, football fans aren't the world's most rational beings at the best of times and in the wake of an unexpected setback there's no doubt that some would have preferred a raw-meat reaction, punctuated by fingerpointing recriminations.
The same old lack of coordination between intelligence agencies and renewed fingerpointing has once again exposed critical gaps in India's alphabet soup war on terror.
They've been really, really good for us this year so there is no fingerpointing at them.
Senate debate starts with lots of fingerpointing (Houston Chronicle): "As debate surrounding the 'Gang of Eight' immigration overhaul bill warmed up on the Senate floor this morning, Texas Sen.
86) Sophie Quinton, Fingerpointing on Judges, NAT'L J.
The inability to focus upon the problems at hand, the failure to establish a cooperative effort in developing a solution, the fingerpointing, the knee-jerk reactions have all contributed to the plunge in the exchange's reputation as a viable alternative to traditional insurance markets, both here and abroad," Dunne stressed.
Spirit-murdering the messenger: The discourse of fingerpointing as the Law's response to racism.
They just smiled politely, no staring or fingerpointing, just lost in the beautiful stillness of the eerily quiet mountain.
Contador will also have to contend with a barrage of questions and fingerpointing over his unresolved doping case from last year's Tour and, all in all, does not appeal at odds-on.
Once the commission assigned the disputed votes to Hayes, Democrats turned to fingerpointing.
She noted that although she "had hoped to transfer to a new job as a female because there would be less chance of disruption and less fingerpointing," she was not offered a new position.
I will not tolerate more fingerpointing or irresponsibility," he said.
For months now the fingerpointing in Canada has centred on who knew what and when regarding the possibility of detainees being abused at the hands of the NDS after Canadian soldiers handed them over.
There has been a good deal of fingerpointing in SouthWales in recentweeks, not least at the beleaguered chairman of Cardiff City Football Club, Peter Ridsdale, and the demoted Liberal Democrat AM, Mick Bates.