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a smudge made by a (dirty) finger

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The team successfully detected lubricant from two common condom brands left behind by fingermarks, even several weeks after it had been deposited.
Use easy to clean tiles or lino, scuff-proof paint, and if suitable fit a dado rail so you can paint a darker shade in an easy wipe silk finish on the lower part of the wall so fingermarks and scuffs won't be so obvious Don't use huge patterns for wallpaper which can overwhelm a small and often cluttered space Hallways, Corridors and Staircases by Leslie Geddes-Brown is published by Ryland Peters & Small, pounds 25
They tend to show fingermarks but I can get them really clean and gleaming with the Enjo cloth," she said.
You see, where she points to a tired, faded wall covered in grubby fingermarks, tea stains and Blu-Tack residue crying out for a coat of emulsion, I see an alternative family album, evoking memories of the boys when they were young and irresponsible - well, younger - exciting and passionate domestic rows and a thousand Christmas cards from a galaxy of dearly loved friends, acquaintances, relatives and PR executives.
ALTHOUGH HENRY JAMES recognized in Edith Wharton the `fine benevolent fingermarks of the good George Eliot -- the echo of much reading of that excellent woman',(1) the contribution Eliot made to Wharton has not been given its due, and it is James himself who is traditionally regarded as the primary influence on her.
Someone put car wax on it to protect it, but it collected a lot of fingermarks and glass rings.
shaking shaking her son's tormentors ears pinked with fingermarks
a high cabinet appears to float on cherry legs capped with his signature motif of cast bronze fingermarks.
The court saw photos of bloody fingermarks on a nearby car that matched her DNA.
The former soldier, from Middlesbrough, who cannot be named for legal reasons, left fingermarks on her face.
It leaves stainless steel sinks gleaming, gets rid of grubby fingermarks on doors and works wonders on microwaves," says Kim.
STICKY fingermarks which can spoil the glossy interior of many a modern car are about to become a thing of the past.
This isn't the decision of the Palace, this is the decision of David Cameron - it's got his grubby fingermarks all over.