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Synonyms for fingermark

a smudge made by a (dirty) finger

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However, sexual offenders were less likely to consider the possibility of lubricant transferring onto their fingertips and then into fingermarks left at the scene, said the authors.
I have just started my Christmas clean-up and find some of my favourite pieces are covered in my childrens' greasy fingermarks.
Neighbours in Espin Street, Walton, saw Chiu becoming violent towards her and claimed they had seen fingermarks around her neck.
It's so easy to wash the grubby fingermarks off and it already looks as if it's been there for 100 years, " she says.
Style: 'Nice, clean stainless-steel look'; 'Would look good in any kitchen'; 'Very modern and not too bulky'; 'Looks good but you leave fingermarks all over it'
Q I HAVE lots of etched glass and sandblasted glass in my lights and ornaments at home, but they are covered in greasy fingermarks.
He said that using the base of the palm as a point at which to start overlaying the two prints, the fingers of Alison Lewis's hand clearly did not lie within the fingermarks made on the carpet at the murder scene.
baby oil on a soft cloth will rid your surface of greasy fingermarks.
But the court heard that the baby had more than a dozen injuries across his body and adult fingermarks on his face.
If your nightmare is fingermarks on the paintwork, you're going to hate the latest trend in home decor.
I do not set aside a day each week to polish furniture, wash paintwork, vacuum in corners or wipe fingermarks off doors.
Neighbours in Espin Street, Walton, heard him shouting at her and claimed they saw her with bruises to her face and, on one occasion, fingermarks around her neck.
Wipe away unsightly fingermarks, wash kitchen walls and clean behind furniture.
There are even wine glass rings on some of the pages to comfort the clumsy cook when they get greasy fingermarks all over their new book.