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resembling a finger


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Its fingerlike leaves form blue rivers against which other succulents--such as Euphorbia tirucalli 'Sticks on Fire'--blaze with otherworldly beauty.
The roads, which reach fingerlike out to the coast, provide a valuable service to isolated coastal communities.
Aphrocallistes sponges were roughly spherical in shape and had many fingerlike protuberances projecting from the sponge body.
The rumpus at Beaumaris focuses on the town's Gallows Point area, which points fingerlike into the Menai Strait.
4) Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans grows in fingerlike projections away from the primary tumor.
SMALL INTESTINE Muscles in the intestine move food down the tract, while fingerlike villi on the small-intestine wall secrete enzymes to aid digestion and absorb nutrients.
Today this peaceful anglophone 'gateway to Africa' probes fingerlike into West Africa, offering a surprising diversity of landscape and habitat in one of the continent's smallest countries.
The robot makes three small punctures in the patient's skin through which probes are sent -- one with video and lights, and two with fingerlike "endo-factors" to perform the surgery.
In performing CVS, a sample of chorionic villi--the tiny, fingerlike projections of the placenta through which the mother and baby exchange nutrients, gases, and fetal wastes--is extracted with a catheter that is inserted into the mother's cervix.
This type of corona is usually composed of a lobule or fingerlike projection directly above each stamen, and it is especially well represented in the higher Apocynoideae (sensu Sennblad et al.
Two hands droop down on the far sides of the spheres, in the upper corners of the print, the fingers limp like the fingerlike ends of the Fallopian tubes that wait to catch an egg from the ovaries.
The fingerlike protrusions from the columns are, the scientists say, dense enough to start new stars.
When Jim Anthony Abbott was born on September 19, 1967, he had only a stub with a small fingerlike protrusion where his right hand should be.
The mutations aren't of commercial value; they cause cells to differentiate abnormally so that leaves, instead of being smooth, have strange knots, bumps, or fingerlike projections.
Its fingerlike projections show where stars are born.