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not having or having lost fingers


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The man was wearing a light blue cycle top, grey T-shirt, black cycle shorts, white trainers and white socks, black fingerless gloves, and a light blue Giro cycle helmet.
HIT Victoria tried to Spice it up with a Roberto Cavalli bustier, leather fingerless gloves, cropped blonde locks and jacket and hotpants.
Kafs Collections white gold fingerless gloves set with 3.
Available in three UK shoe sizes: Small (3–4), Medium (5–6) and Large (7–8) Super–cosy & comfy house boots made from genuine Merino wool Neoprene Heat Gloves LOCK in your natural body warmth with these lightweight, fingerless gloves.
Hand crocheted fingerless gloves keep your hands warm, while leaving your fingers free for other use.
Felted Alpaca Fingerless Gloves will be gifted to members of the press at The Artisan Group's exhibit.
99 screwdriver, a set of picture frames costing pounds 276, training courses provided by a Swedish company at a cost of more than pounds 13,000 and fingerless gloves bought for pounds 7.
When the weather's cold and miserable, there's nothing better than donning a chunky knit, pulling on some woolly tights and fingerless mittens, and snuggling up on the sofa in front of the fire - maybe even with a cheeky glass of wine.
A small bag filled with coffee grounds is lending robots a fingerless hand.
One standout look was a boxy coat covered in fluorescent flowers and worn with opalescent fingerless gloves.
Rochelle, left, wears LK Bennett purple Ricki knit, pounds 145, with M&S jeans, pounds 15, hat, pounds 15, fingerless cashmere gloves, pounds 18, and necklace, pounds 15.
Workers were given a day to rest their hands, to talk amongst themselves over barrows of hardening concrete in the shadow of the tower stretched over the city like a fingerless glove, a baobab tree, vestigial offshoots of glass and wire creaking in the wind.
We laughed at the Fallen fingerless gloves that cost $20.
Amazing Baby's Infinite Fucking Cross EP and the album they're recording are psychedelic and spacey, but they're also bulky, acerbic and arrogant, like a teamster with tie-dyed fingerless gloves.