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the placement of the fingers for playing different notes (or sequences of notes) on a musical instrument

touching something with the fingers

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The violinist-composer did not offer fingering, which makes this selection awkward for young players.
The play-alongs generally go through the prescribed exercise or tune three times, first listening and fingering along, then buzzing the exercise, and finally playing it on their instruments.
This study investigated the effect of various processing parameters on the formation of fingerings (16, 17) in gas (water)-assisted injection-molded parts.
The only fingerings that are included are those authentic to the composer, such as those he notated in his students' scores.
Any who want to learn to play guitar but have been frustrated trying to master chords will find THE EVERYTHING GUTIAR CHORDS BOOK appealing: it comes with a cd and packs in easy diagrams of each chord along with option notes and fingerings.
Just what I need, music that i can't take home to practice and that's covered with someone else's fingerings and bowings ("Managing sweet sounds," SN: 9/25/99, p.
Writing, saving, transferring or erasing editions with bowings or fingerings can be done in seconds, not hours.
Throughout the entire book Agrell recommends talking of fingerings as producing different lengths of tubing, or different horns in 12 keys (14 really, but 2 overlap each other) and that each horn has 16 notes.
Contract awarded for Fingerings Services For The Region Of Rivers
We can't explore every possible use of alternate fingerings here, but we can look at some general principles and some specific examples so that the player can extrapolate to situations that may come up in etudes and solos.
Sor's fingerings witness to an extraordinarily resourceful left-hand technique, capable sometimes of stretching a span of six frets (as in op.
Because Bartok did not provide fingerings and tempo marking for "Dedication," the editor provided them instead, but the rest of the pieces contain only the composer's own fingerings, pedaling and tempo markings.
Contract awarded for Service fingerings circulation permits, 2013, according to requirements of the special and technical bases attached to this bid
In both English and Portuguese, this book presents quick reference guides to tuning the instrument, the harmonic series for all fingerings on both F and Bb sides of the double horn with intonation tendencies, standard fingerings, whole tone lip trill fingerings, right hand positions for hand-stopping and echo horn, intervals of transposition, and how to change a broken valve string.
The edition has fine fingering suggestions to achieve optimal legato (though some alternate fingerings feel better in my admittedly small hands).