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Synonyms for fingerboard

a guidepost resembling a hand with a pointing index finger


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a narrow strip of wood on the neck of some stringed instruments (violin or cello or guitar etc) where the strings are held against the wood with the fingers

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198 Fingerboard Road is a whopping 5,940 s/f, large enough to house a family and rent out one of its six bedrooms to another tenant.
Pedro Caceffo, a 20-year veteran, and Alejandro Rojetta, a Uruguayan with 35 years service, do much of the finishing work: installation of the ebony fingerboard, frets, tuning pegs and strings, also the inlay around the sound hold.
Jeff Meyer's passion was deep-sea fishing and that led Mark to create the Blue Marlin Guitar, which featured engraved mother of pearl seashells for the fingerboard inlays, an old sailing ship engraved into the ebony tailpiece and a Blue Marlin inlay in the pickguard.
Hands and fingers lead the investigation: in the first line of stanza two we are introduced to "the hands of generations"; at the start of stanza three this is elaborated as a series of "Hands behind hands"; stanza four traces the touch of "a foggy finger"; and stanza five works into a now silent, but once musical, image through the touch of the fingers on the fingerboard of an old instrument.
violoncello features: size 3/4 rondo gc103, fingerboard, ebony pegs and tiracuerdas.
Then he made another thing like a fingerboard and put this one bass string on it, attached to the center of the oil can and on top of the stick.
The guitar is cherry red with a black scratchplate and dot fingerboard markers.
wide fingerboard, figured maple back and a sunburst finish, the release says.
Here, too, the laborious but still pleasurable act of learning to play an instrument, the picking out of harmonies on the fingerboard, the voice groping for possible melodies that don't yet have words to them, show us the process of articulating a meaning of one's own.
Here is a chart of your mandolin fingerboard with some notes on it.
18) The violin's unfretted fingerboard allows musicians to produce subtle shadings when moving from one note to another, similar to the idea of portamento used in the European art music.
In her Portland, Oregon, home, a four-year-old girl watched, hypnotized, as classical cellist Yo-Yo Ma worked his way and up and down the fingerboard of his instrument and plucked away at its strings.
With a full dreadnought body, abalone border inlays (top, back, sides, neck and tail pin), large hexagonal fingerboard inlays and a vertical abalone logo in the head-stock, this six-string rhythm guitar is considered the diamond jewel of the American vintage fretted instrument industry.
The '61 Stratocaster, with its 21 jumbo frets, bone nut and three-colour Sunburnt alder body with a rosewood fingerboard was as internationally recognised as the guitarist himself.