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a basketball shot that rolls off the tips of the fingers into the basket

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Rondo's finger-roll layup extended the lead to 64-44 with four minutes left in the third.
He also left a finger-roll layup short at the rim in the closing seconds of the second quarter and couldn't elevate for a dunk in the third quarter after spinning past Allen in the post.
In the end, it was Williams, on a night she was an icy 1-of-13, getting the ball to Cathrine Kraayeveld for the finger-roll layup with 2.
He split the double-team twice on gorgeous spin moves and finger-roll layups, but spent a largely frustrating night.
We can't allow guys to come down the middle of the lane and finger-roll the ball.
He beat Butler into the lane then did a full 360-degree spin around Cook, who was trying to draw a charge, and tossed in a finger-roll layup.
A jumper from the corner by Bryant and a finger-roll layup by O'Neal reduced that deficit quickly, and the Lakers began to take charge behind Bryant.
Frahm's finger-roll gave Gonzaga its first lead, 55-54, with 2:55 left.
Included were three finger-roll layups - one she scored behind the basket - that reminded some of Dr.
When O'Neal made a twisting finger-roll and a free throw to send the lead back to double figures with less than four minutes to play, you could have heard Inglewood all the way to the Space Needle.