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Synonyms for finger-pointing

the imputation of blame

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We need to do some finger-pointing and soul searching.
But the finger-pointing at Messrs Ridsdale and Bates has not been so impressive.
Menzel is tackling decades-old questions about bee behavior as he finally learns where those specks go when the finger-pointing is over.
BETWEEN THE LINES: This finger-pointing exchange ignores, among other points, historical context and how poverty is measured.
Many of us have experienced the phenomenon of finger-pointing among our peers, with some people claiming to be for social justice while accusing others of not being for social justice, based on a misperception among social workers that we all mean the same thing when we use the term.
So let's forget the finger-pointing and the fighting words and, instead, approach the problem and each other with mutual respect and mutual love for the real victims: our children.
This means that only the domain expert responsible for the problem area needs to be involved in the resolution, eliminating unnecessary fire drills and finger-pointing and, ultimately speeding time to resolution.
Cardwell is equally frustrated with the municipality and the finger-pointing exercises that go on as municipal councillors blame the province and MPAC if taxes go up, while MPAC blames the municipality for setting the taxes.
While most thirty-something hardcore kids (ok, we're adults now) have stashed their finger-pointing lyrics and chugga-chugga breakdowns in favor of more introspective, more reflective subject matters, Paint it Black's new album, CVA, combines a fierce hardcore bravado reminiscent of youth crew/Uniform Choice and a clear political bend.
If, as expected, the court agrees to hear the case, we are in for a year of pseudo-patriotic posturing and finger-pointing arguments--all over two words.
Weston's exegesis of Utzon's tribulations but ultimate triumph at Sydney includes an examination of his development of the vast podium in collaboration with the Ove Arup practice; some finger-pointing at the conservative Minister of Public Works, Davis Hughes; Utzon's proposed red/gold and silver/blue colour schemes for the Major and Minor Halls respectively; and, finally, his provocative but unrealized intention to extrude plywood sections as a kind of interior furniture landscape.
We appreciate your support in light of the erroneous finger-pointing at our profession as a whole.
The aim was not finger-pointing but helping to define and reduce the causes of violence.
The finger-pointing cue usually does not apply to actors or politicians because they train themselves to appear confident during public appearances.
How many IT managers are weary beyond expression with the finger-pointing common in customer support scenarios?