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a painting produced by spreading paint with the fingers

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painting by using the fingers to spread the paint

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In 1947, The Menninger Clinic presented the Ruth Faison Shaw Finger-Painting exhibition at the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City from August 3 to 31.
Collectively titled "Ghost Drawings," 2004, these fluid scripts rendered in bright yellow paint are like lyrical graffiti by some unearthly creature, finger-painting in its own luminous bodily fluids on subjects ranging from the fantastic to the utterly insane: WE SAW TURNER, reads one; I AM FROM THE SUN, continues another; I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN YOUR MOTHER NORMAN, offers a third.
This early hand- and finger-painting is actually a basic transfer process that marks the beginning stages of what is later called a "monoprint" process.
Whether it gets you ready for prayer, protest, or finger-painting, we hope, as always, that you find plenty here to inspire
He helps the little kids with finger-painting, he works at all our fund-raisers and he does our oratorical contest every year with the kids.
FINGER, PAINT Sometimes I get out the old shower curtain liner and let the little ones finger-paint (either on finger-painting paper or on the shower curtain liner) with room temperature gelatin.
Two enormous paintings overtook the side walls: Tresor depicts a floor plan of a bank on one end and becomes a study of shades of white on the other; Pure Pragmatism offers words (taken from the essay on Majerus in the Venice catalogue) and images whose patterns were generated by a finger-painting computer program and then rendered by hand.
Los Angeles Unified School District officials plan to establish full-day kindergarten to keep pace with national trends, boost test scores and give kids time for activities like show-and-tell and finger-painting, which have been all but eliminated in many classes.
But whether you like it or not the computer will be to some extent the 21st Century babysitter, and you can't help but admit that Tweenies Messytime Print And Do is a lot more labour-saving than the real messy time involved in cleaning the kitchen after a finger-painting session.
YOUR make-up looks like it's been applied by a finger-painting panda.
Teachers supervise use of clay, finger-painting, cutting and pasting, ``quiet time,'' music, puzzles, stories and numerous other tools and activities, Engram said.
Bases loaded,'' he recalled, finger-painting a mind's-eye picture, ``and I said to myself, `If he (reliever Sean Bergman) throws it over the plate, I gotta swing.
Who else could come up with something as simple as this latest finger-painting kit?
Another respected science center is the Exploratorium in San Francisco, a child's delight of more than 600 hands-on exhibits from finger-painting to a human-scale ant farm.