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a wave made with the fingers

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Allison Janney won an Emmy, but unfortunately also won a spot on Marc Anthony's Bad Hair List, with a hairstyle that had a bit of everything going on -- from finger waves to pieces falling in front -- for an overall unflattering look that was very rough and contrived.
And one of the strongest hair influences is coming from the '30s when Greta Garbo was queen of Hollywood with her Marcel-style waves - sometimes called finger waves.
Hair We decided to go full out for Forties glamour so instead of blow-drying Tracy's hair I combed in some deep finger waves.
Natural or finger waves, loose hair ups or plaits, as well as sleek, brushed forward blow dries have all been demonstrated through Dannii's bob and it is this that has resurrected the cut.
The starchy, thick 60s look is creeping through too, while finger waves are fantastic in shorter hair and Marcel waves work well with G-Force gel for an edgy, quirky style.
For shorter styles, finger waves give hair that Old Hollywood glamour.
Among the best dressed was Tess Daly in a floor length red gown complemented by some very '40s inspired finger waves in her hair.
Fusions of 20s and 40s finger waves and glassy, super-shine finishes.
Charlize Theron's short layered bob with finger waves in the film 'Legend of Bagger Vance' will probably start a major trend, but it's the long soft waves worn by Lauren Bacall in 'The Big Sleep' that will have the most universal appeal,'' he predicts.
The skill in creating those finger waves is a real art.
All those elegant 1920s fashions, sharp sleek bobbed hairstyles and lots of finger waves.