finger wave

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a wave made with the fingers

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the finger wave This playful twist on the Jessica Rabbit style is a sophisticated look for a woman who loves to show off her well-groomed hair.
Beyonce channels her inner Madonna by wearing a golden wig with finger waves, similar to the one that Madonna wore in her sexually charged music video of "Erotica" way back in 1992.
com priced PS40 Yogi Hair Wand FROM finger waves to ringlets the Yogi Hair Wand is beloved by many session stylists.
He couldn't care less what people thought of his finger waves, his Charles James leopard pyjamas, his makeup or his dyed hair dusted with gold.
The bobs, pin curls and finger waves of the 1920s are stylized but move naturally, thanks to wig supervisor Nathaniel Hathaway and his background in ballet.
Think finger waves to the front and sleek elegant styles, or alternatively opt for glamorous vintage Hollywood which means lots of volume.
It was a "look" from the finger waves, to the hair jewellery, feathered head pieces, fringed dresses and embellishment.
Amie and Carl specialise in creating 1940s, 50s and 60s inspired styles - including 40s victory rolls, glamorous finger waves and the iconic 1960s beehive.
Hair We decided to go full out for Forties glamour so instead of blow-drying Tracy's hair I combed in some deep finger waves.