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a thin sliver of wood

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an orthopedic mechanical device used to immobilize and protect a part of the body (as a broken leg)

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support with a splint

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Consumption goods include hydrocoloid, hydrogel gelfiberbandage, film, foam dressings, super absorbent bandage, absorbent patch, Post-op dressing, absorbent gauze, eye compress, non-woven gauze, alginates, cohesive bandage, fixation tape, fikseringsnet, ideal volume, gypsum binder, finger brace, wrist bandage, arm sling, neck collar, finger splint with padding short tensile adhesion, long pull tie, zinklimbind, kraftlig elastic tubular bandage polstervat for compression, crepebind, urine bags, periferevenekatetre, suturtape, sutures, tissue adhesives, zinc ointment, disinfectant solution, Covers, urinary catheters, disposable and balloon catheters, katerisationssE*t, treat stocking .
The subject of performance includes: 1) motomed - 1 pc; 2) knee splint - 3 pieces; 3) shoulder splint - 1 pc; 4) elbow splint - 2 pcs; 5) of the ankle splint - 1 pc; 6) wrist splint - 1 pc, 7) finger splint - 1 pc.
Part 5 / third Code 2 January 13 - Apparatus for training movement paresthetic extremities - hands and finger splint (hereinafter referred to as "Part 5/3").
24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Orfit Industries America, North American subsidiary of Orfit Industries, a world leader in the development, and manufacture of thermoplastic splinting materials today announced that it has launched Orficast(TM), a new moldable thermoplastic for simple finger splints, thumb splints and supportive bandage wraps.
Control plain radiographs were taken with finger splints and the patient was instructed to abstain from play until physial closure.