finger scanning

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biometric identification by automatically scanning a person's fingerprints electronically

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Some employment agreements provide for time recording and may be wide enough to allow you to collect information from a finger scanning system.
Biometric technologies include face recognition, finger scanning, palm scanning, hand geometry, iris scanning, retina scanning, thermal face recognition, voice prints, and signature recognition.
Few companies restrict physical entrances with biometric devices, but certain technologies, such as finger scanning, are gaining ground as guardians of data.
Finger scanning ranked first in security and privacy of online purchases, with facial scanning close behind in both of those measures.
identiMetrics Biometric Finger Scanning System Enables Schools to Participate in $7 Billion Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program and More
28 ( ANI ): Apple's supplier is reportedly making record 5, 00, 000 iPhone 5S units per day to cater to the demand for the latest hi-tech smartphone with finger scanning technology.
The FS22 has a 16(W) x 24(L) mm crown glass finger scanning window and includes a Live Finger Detection (LFD) function for spoof prevention.
Biometric finger scanning technology will speed up meal times.
WE DECIDED to bring in a finger scanning system in April in order to address the problem of underage drinking and alcohol-related disorder in Yeovil.
Biometrics finger scanning is used for verification of registrars, patients, medical staff or passwords for counselors, cashiers and administrators.
According to the report, the patents included finger scanning technology and the workings of the audio jack on smartphones and tablets.
So today the Daily Post asks: Should we introduce finger scanning equipment into Liverpool's bars and clubs?
Key Biometric technologies including the most recent one as Iris Technology, Finger Scanning, Voice Recognition, Hand Geometry, Facial Scanning, Signature Verification and DNA Identifier are also analyzed supported by the facts like revenues and the market share.
Shoppers are linked to their financial and loyalty accounts by using a simple method of finger scanning at the point of sale -- eliminating the need to carry cards, checks, or cash.
Through MedCoPay(TM)'s technology, patients are authenticated using the company's PersonaGUARD(R) biometric finger scanning hardware and software, which is included in the offering.