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biometric identification by automatically scanning a person's fingerprints electronically

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12, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- identiMetrics, the leader in biometric finger scanning identification solutions for schools, and PowerSchool, the #1 leading provider of K-12 Student Information Systems (SIS), are joining forces through an independent software vendor (ISV) partnership agreement to bring biometric finger scanning solutions to PowerSchool.
the leading provider of biometric finger scanning ID for schools, announced today that they are joining forces to provide school districts the necessary funding to install identiMetrics' biometric finger scanning systems, as well as provide additional capital for other programs.
By using finger scanning for identification, the problems and costs associated with out-dated identification methods can be replaced with time-trusted finger scanning technology allowing new standards of accountability to be put into place.
The FS22 has a 16(W) x 24(L) mm crown glass finger scanning window and includes a Live Finger Detection (LFD) function for spoof prevention.
WE DECIDED to bring in a finger scanning system in April in order to address the problem of underage drinking and alcohol-related disorder in Yeovil.
Biometrics finger scanning is used for verification of registrars, patients, medical staff or passwords for counselors, cashiers and administrators.
According to the report, the patents included finger scanning technology and the workings of the audio jack on smartphones and tablets.
Governments accepting IELTS test results have welcomed the measures and positive feedback has also been received from test takers themselves, who appreciate the time that is saved by the use of finger scanning technology to enter test rooms on test day.
So today the Daily Post asks: Should we introduce finger scanning equipment into Liverpool's bars and clubs?
Key Biometric technologies including the most recent one as Iris Technology, Finger Scanning, Voice Recognition, Hand Geometry, Facial Scanning, Signature Verification and DNA Identifier are also analyzed supported by the facts like revenues and the market share.
With a 15x22mm finger scanning window and 300x440 pixel image resolutions, FS90 can capture an un-distorted fingerprint image into PC in 0.
Shoppers are linked to their financial and loyalty accounts by using a simple method of finger scanning at the point of sale -- eliminating the need to carry cards, checks, or cash.
Like other Futronic products, FS25 is with 16(W) x 24(L) mm crown glass finger scanning window which is ready for long time extensive usage.
Through MedCoPay(TM)'s technology, patients are authenticated using the company's PersonaGUARD(R) biometric finger scanning hardware and software, which is included in the offering.
the leader in providing biometric finger scanning ID for schools, announced today a new release of its already popular biometric finger scanning identity solution that quickly and accurately establishes the identity of students entitled to participate in free and reduced lunch programs nationwide.