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biometric identification by automatically scanning a person's fingerprints electronically

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A separate programming module (included) connects to the sensor unit to record finger scans and program the unit, and then is removed.
Using that technology for a finger scan, according to iaccess, brings certain advantages, including the ability to miniaturize the equipment for widespread installation and to overcome people's innate reluctance to have their eye sockets scanned at close range.
The innovative technology from Pay By Touch will enable customers to pay by means of a simple finger scan.
Finger scan and facial recognition technology, which is more complex, is being tested on the pedestrian side of the station, a kind of speed lane for walk-ins.
After careful evaluation, Antelope Valley decided on the finger scan recognition sensor from Siemens.
The software authenticates the identity of users by comparing their finger scan or the iris of their eye against all stored biometric templates.
The package also features Private Space, which lets a finger scan encrypt data the user designates as sensitive.
In a poll, the International Biometric Group asked about 100 people how they would react to a finger scan at a bank.
It has 12 wings and entry is controlled by kiosks which have finger scan recognition technology.
Members of the upgraded solution can receive personalized offers from a kiosk as they enter the store, using a biometric finger scan or swiping their Club DLM Card.
Pay By Touch is a free biometric payment service that allows shoppers to pay for purchases or cash cheeks quickly and securely, using a finger scan linked to their personal identification information, financial accounts and loyalty programs.
The strongest growth will come in network security, and finger scan technology will lead the way.
Once enrolled, the Pay By Touch service uses a shopper's finger scan to authorize a secure, electronic withdrawal from a customer's existing checking account.
The operator will allow shoppers to pay for purchases using a finger scan linked to their bank account.