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paint that has the consistency of jelly


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Finger Painting - using fingers instead of foils to give a natural effect.
The art I created then included finger painting, and glue and glitter on paper.
Activities involve books, blocks, chalk, crayons, computers, dolls, dramatic play, easel and finger painting, puppets, chanting, singing, and storytelling, and are tied to selected picture books.
It also includes live music by Bahraini rock band Motor Militia and activities for children such as finger painting, hand puppet shows, photography, clay modelling and basket weaving.
Speaking to the Tampa Tribune she said he was outgoing, loved finger painting and liked to see people laugh.
This activity leads children to experience the texture and sensation of finger painting with shaving cream.
The finger painting started on Delta's Web site and was also available as an app sold through Apple's iTunes store as well as through the online store for Blackberry apps.
When my son was small, I was riddled with guilt when I heard other parents speak of the hours they spent with their toddlers doing finger painting or making collages out of pasta.
Ahmedabad, Dec 4 (ANI): Scores of physically challenged people came together in a bid to create a world record in finger painting to mark 'World Disabled Day' here on Thursday.
I seen him win an art contest with a finger painting that he did in his room in like 10 minutes.
Of course, the enduring favorite expression of their imagination is through finger painting, and with an expansion of its Preschool line, Creativity for Little Kids, we're introduced to Finger Prints ($21.
Strolling hand-in-hand - armed with a pirate flag and a blue balloon - former Bethel resident Cinammond Hollins and her daughter, Seauni, 8, paused so Seauni could tackle the task of finger painting.
into "Toot Stick," flutist finger painting musical hues,
Ruth Faison Shaw (1888-1969), educator, art therapist, artist, writer and lecturer, accidentally rediscovered the ancient technique of finger painting in 1926 in Rome, Italy, and integrated her technique into education and psychiatric therapy.
I was standing in first grade doing a finger painting and I heard a man's voice say, 'You're going to be an artist.