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one of a series of holes in a woodwind instrument

a hole for inserting a finger

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Unlike all other surviving medieval recorders, the Tartu recorder has finger holes in one row and the lower, seventh hole is not doubled.
The bags obtainable from our machines may be in different styles such as with carrier handle or finger hole, bottom and/or top gussets, do sure with twist as well as with reclosable profiles.
These days she struggles getting a clean edge with a ruler and scalpel when trying to cut and mount work, and using scissors is no easier as she has to put her fingers in the thumbhole and thumb in the finger hole.
Its revolutionary design includes an enclosed index finger hole and the most ergonomic, tapered handle design ever offered in a back-tension release.
The keys measure about 1 inch square, and a clear plexiglass sheet with a corresponding finger hole over each large letter sits over the touch pad.
Imagine now that some hungry youngster had decided to taste each of the 14 bits of doughnut and left a finger hole through the center of each.
The other volumes will be: lit'ap to Expand the Harmonic Series, covering instruments that use methods such as slides, finger holes, and keys to fill in notes outside the harmonic series; Valves Evolve, covering the development of various valve mechanisms in the nineteenth century; Heyday of the Cornet; and The Modern Trumpet, covering twentieth-century trumpet development.
been out before, n on the drink, so canny few," said ugh I think Adam may have been wrong in saying I'd picked the heaviest ball - I think it was the opposite, that I got the lightest ball and tried to launch it, but the finger holes were too small and I got stuck.
5-litre size, but it also comes with finger holes to make it easy to carry.
It has six finger holes in the front and a thumb hole in the back.
The unit would have six holes to accommodate the bottles and two finger holes in the center.
A chanter is an instrument in its own right, being a wind-driven melody pipe in which sound is modulated by opening and closing finger holes along the bore of the pipe.
Now we need to turn our attention to the finger holes.
A streamlined, discreet package with finger holes to assist in opening, along with a new self contained and easy to open water packet make the new Magic3 more user friendly.