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small bowl for rinsing the fingers at table

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When I asked for a finger bowl to de-clag my digits from our starters, the waitress looked confused.
There is a delightful reference in The Taming of the Shrew to the habit of providing finger bowls at banquets "Let one attend him with a silver basin, Full of rose-water and bestrew'd with flowers".
Spoon into large soup bowls and don't forget the spare empty bowls for the shells, as well as the finger bowls of warm water to wash your hands.
To enter Buckley's world was to enter the world of yachts, limousines, finger bowls at dinner, celebrities such as David Niven and tales of skiing at Gstaad.
Orange flower water is particularly effective for neutralising general household smells and with this you can also wow your dinner guests by using the water in finger bowls for in-between courses.
There were sweet chilli and peanut dipping sauces with finger bowls thoughtfully provided on the tables.
Have warm finger bowls and linen napkins at the ready.
When you grow up to be President of the United States, you will need to help your guests handle their finger bowls in the White House.
It's almost impossible not to use your hands when consuming pigs' feet, so provide damp towels or finger bowls.
Other people think these bowls were dual purpose - rinsers and coolers - while still others maintain stoutly that both ideas are nonsense, that these objects were simply finger bowls.
Lindsey points out: "This is a hands-on main course so supply plenty of paper napkins and finger bowls with rose petals or slices of lemon.
The house was furnished with local rugs and furniture, much of it chosen by Agatha Christie, wife of Max Mallowan, and finger bowls still appeared on the table at meals
Twenty-one items, including chalices, finger bowls and cruets, were brought to England by Jesuit priests fleeing the French revolution in 1793.
Finger bowls are still used, although usually not in individual homes.