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Fined pounds 35 with pounds 45 costs and pounds 15 back duty.
In separate settlements, an additional 19 brokers were fined, suspended and censured.
John James Lightfoot, 36, of Pacific Drive, Thornaby, fined PS200 and ordered to pay PS105 costs for speeding.
Fined PS700 with PS85 costs and PS70 victim surcharge (8pts).
Don Chan, 41, of Rhiw'r Ddar, Taffs Well, near Cardiff, was fined pounds 150 with pounds 60 costs and a pounds 15 victim surcharge.
They keep explaining to the cooperators that if these buildings are fined, they will receive the fine as owners.
Fined PS150 with PS85 costs, PS20 victim surcharge and banned from driving for six months.
John Michael Ginty, 24, of Dalwood Court, Hemling ton, PSMiddlesbrough, fined PS165 and ordered to pay PS105 costs for using a vehicle without insurance.
The others got notices in the mail that they will be fined $250.
Fined PS400 with PS90 costs and PS40 victim surcharge.
Bartley Green Craig Rawle, 20, of Moors Lane, fined pounds 202.
Cordaro was fined about $250 for 20 signs posted on Valerio Street between Woodman Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard.
Among the cases dealt with by Teesside Magistrates' Court on February 6 were: Michael Gordon, 48, of Wakefield Road, Middlesbrough, fined PS130 with PS70 costs for speeding.
The following have been fined for using a vehicle without a current licence: John David Atkinson (27), St Annes Square, Netherthong.