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Synonyms for fine-tune

adjust finely


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make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

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We've undergone a two-year project fine-tuning our software for the UK market and the launch of the new office is the next stage of our growth plans," he said.
38 sorters Toshiba FS810 to the treatment of the second series of banknotes from 10 EUR and fine-tuning for the selection of the note from 5 EUR.
We will keep continuity and stability of macro-economy policies, prioritising on making policies more targeted and effective while fine-tuning policies when appropriate," state television cited Xi as telling the meeting.
Another blemish is present in Giberson's discussion of the fine-tuning of the universe.
Then, you can use one of these fine-tuning methods to provide the best groups possible.
I find the shortcomings of the fine-tuning argument significant.
Once identified, these may then be further improved using the company's highly efficient process for fine-tuning of antibodies and other proteins to increase their activity, called EvoGene(TM) Optimisation.
The most valuable aspect of Ham It Up is that its curriculum has been thoroughly tested and put into practice, allowing the teacher to focus upon instruction itself rather than fine-tuning lesson plan mechanics.
From the latest new features and tools to new tips on how to customize a PDA, HotSync with a PC, and access the Web, How To Do Everything With Your Palm Handheld doesn't limit itself to particular handheld models, and focuses on fast optimization and integration methods for fine-tuning the Palm's potentials.
He added: "When you are working full-time, it can be hard to find the time or the help with fine-tuning your interview technique, but it would be a shame for people to miss good job opportunities because they are not properly prepared.
Yet immigration, bringing in genes from outsiders, can overwhelm the effects of that fine-tuning and make diverse populations more alike.
By fine-tuning the prediction that way, it becomes a reliable tool.
Now in an expanded and updated second edition, Creating A Culture Of Success: Fine-Tuning The Heart And Soul Of Your Organization by expert and experienced business consultants Charles Dygert and Richard Jacobs defines what organizational culture is, and how to make it successful in any entrepreneurial enterprise or corporate business.
We're just fine-tuning our game, fine-tuning our offense,'' Bryant said.
This is said to enable a fine-tuning of the bonding process, with the possibility to adapt the initial strength, open time and rheological characteristics to the specific requirements over a relatively broad range.