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Synonyms for fine-tune

adjust finely


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make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

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By seamlessly integrating into the operational environment of an enterprise, Proficient Networks' turnkey solution immediately fine-tunes bandwidth while optimizing network assets and resources.
After implantation, it monitors and fine-tunes the artificial heart's functions.
Since the load requirements can change, depending upon activity level and time of day, the patient simply fine-tunes the amount of load by using a custom allen wrench to turn two screws located at the brace hinge.
Combined with SensArray's acquisition and analysis tools, the Process Probe 1535, with wafer sizes ranging from 50-300 mm, characterizes and fine-tunes process conditions in diffusion furnaces, fast thermal processors and other oxidizing gas environments.
The TFT5000 also comes with Automatic Setup, which fine-tunes picture clarity and focus automatically.