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adjust finely


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make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

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Our earth and universe are fine-tuned for us to be able to observe and learn about our universe.
Yet such universes also would be fine-tuned to produce life, civilizations and, eventually, more black holes, according to Crane.
Consumers don't have to wait until the system is fine-tuned to get rid of their obsolete TVs and computer monitors, however and can be assured that the materials are being handled appropriately when they select authorized recyclers.
The hardworking ballerina's fine-tuned body and carefully honed musicality have served her in roles of an extraordinary range.
ATI has for some time worked very closely with ISVs to ensure our graphics accelerators such as the RAGE 128 PRO not only deliver class-leading performance for the workstation market, but are fine-tuned to render the most optimal application performance possible," says Vincent Win, vice president of OEM sales, ATI Technologies Inc.
The surgical procedure has been fine-tuned and involves a step-by-step process for locating the thyroplasty window, creating the window, determining implant size, and inserting the implant.
In essence," Glynn writes, the principle "came down to the observation that all the myriad laws of physics were fine-tuned from the very beginning of the universe for the creation of man - that the universe we inhabit appeared to be expressly designed for the emergence of human beings.
The new Application Solution Center is hitting the ground running and has already engaged to accelerate the delivery of fine-tuned applications.
After his recent speech before financial managers, those present fore-shadowed some of the issues to be fine-tuned in the coming years.
Mobile developers and designers may also license typefaces from Monotype Imaging's ESQ([R]) Mobile collection which features designs fine-tuned for optimal display on cell phones.
It does not pertain to the fine-tuning of limited things in our universe, such as our earth, which could also be fine-tuned.
We now need to start honing in and looking ats the teams who will be starting the games and get them fine-tuned a bit more.
They fine-tuned, they listened to the people and now have more things for the family, offer joint tickets, and the nighttime parade helps keep people in the park,'' O'Brien said.
The computer databases that generate those voices--a male dubbed Craig and a female named Donna--include options to produce phonetic pronunciations and can therefore be fine-tuned for each region.