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Synonyms for fine-tune

adjust finely


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make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

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Pandit said, 'I think you'll get some more guidance on expenses and how we expect to fine-tune our business in light of what could be a slower environment, in the US particularly.
In most social applications, it's not easy to fine-tune privacy settings.
Burnley is the perfect place for him to learn and fine-tune his game because everyone can see he's got such incredible ability.
Of special interest is a section devoted to evaluating the results of a school's marketing efforts to fine-tune its message.
The ability to use various conveyor modules to customize the configuration of their conveyor lines may also enable users to fine-tune production lines to fit confined cell spaces, even allowing for ergonomic considerations for operator comfort and safety.
Fire Brigades Union boss Andy Gilchrist has decided the dispute is effectively over and all that remains is further talks to fine-tune the deal.
It can he adjusted over time to correct, counteract or fine-tune for seating or stability problems associated with many deformities or disabilities.
The technology offers the ability to fine-tune image colors as well as use computers, laptops, S-video, component video and HDTV for display.
You can't easily fine-tune costs over the entire organization.
They were not exhorted by their parents to "be good with people," so they never had to fine-tune their communication skills.
With this kind of information in hand, you can begin to manipulate configuration parameters and fine-tune your system.
Why would an omnipotent or highly powerful deity need to fine-tune physical laws?
But their findings support another suspicion: sleep may help birds and other creatures fine-tune their memory through sleep rehearsal of daytime tasks.
There was no more room to fine-tune existing financial reports.
In addition, CAR's security-protected user interface allows authorized customer site personnel to fine-tune CAR to maximize performance for the customer's unique payment mix.