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having a smooth, fine-grained structure

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The CCT tests performed on the remoulded fine-textured soils showed the S-shaped curves (Fig.
4) A foaming agent which provides a durable, fine-textured "vehicle" to carry Vaporooter into maximum contact with roots and pipe surfaces through professional application.
Apply it and any other fine-textured material only one inch deep.
To add a soft touch to plantings, the Capriccio Stipa offers wispy, fine-textured grass and is heat and drought tolerant.
The scientists now know that the sensor works in the fine-textured, glacial soils of northeastern Indiana, Lee said.
s True[TM] ClimaPlus[TM] Acoustical Ceiling Panels are made of perforated aluminum and are covered with a fine-textured, smooth acoustical facing.
z]([lambda]) as a function of the spatial wavelength for the fine-textured surface of the injection-molded plaques containing 3% MB by weight.
Lincoln reports in his book, World Woods in Color, that the name pau marfim is also used in South America "for other fine-textured, creamy colored woods, especially for species of Aspidosperma.
The main problem of highlighting is dryness and breakage, so use conditioner after every shampoo and consider using a hair serum designed for fine-textured hair.
The camera, derived from the Contax N1 film camera, will feature a charge-coupled device (CCD) of up to 6 million pixels, making high-quality, fine-textured images possible to meet camera buffs' demands.
The straight-grained, fine-textured wood is hard and strong.
Use a fine-textured file to keep nails free of snags.
Masonry paints are usually available in a choice of smooth and fine-textured finishes.
This is exceptionally fine-textured and toasts well.
This action produces a smooth, fine-textured dough.