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Synonyms for fine-grained

consisting of fine particles

dense or compact in structure or texture, as a wood composed of small-diameter cells

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The discharge door wing for fine-grained mixtures has a seal to prevent fine-grained materials, such as cement, from escaping; it is also waterproof.
the award- winning leader in the Entitlement Management market, today announced the next release of the Securent Entitlement Management Solution (EMS), further enabling organizations to meet their security and compliance requirements by securing access to sensitive applications and information with unmatched fine-grained controls and visibility.
By adopting wholesale arguments that have been criticized as overdrawn (from Elizabeth Eisenstein on printing, to Keith Hutchinson on occult qualities during the scientific revolution, or Lawrence Stone on the decline of the aristocracy), his picture of the transition from medieval to modern is sharp and clear rather than complicated and fine-grained.
Modification refines the silicon flake morphology in an aluminum-silicon alloy, producing a fine-grained, uniform, fibrous structure that improves ductility.
This new encryption scheme achieves the most advanced logic in the encryption-decryption mechanism, which enables sophisticated and fine-grained data transmission/access control.
Thermal insulation system with fire bars and FensterbaEnnke as precast concrete blocks;: Window sills cast stone copings: make, supply and installation of cast stone benches and covers as finished parts in various lengths and cross sections, total about 550 m;: 3000 sqm with EIFS dickschichtigem, mineral scratch coat and stepped profiled, wedge-shaped with LaibungsflEnchen Thin, fine-grained Filzputzstruktur (approx 400sqm); flush transitions and height adjustment by double armor layer in the fine-grained FilzputzflEnchen.
Protective structures calmed the waters, and fine-grained sediments accumulated.
The GlobalRoute data feed sets a new standard in the industry for accuracy, coverage and scalability, and allows fine-grained routing control not possible with alternative approaches.
Figure 4 is a plot of the hysteresis of various knives on a DLC coated fine-grained tungsten carbide flat.
The solution for this is fine-grained database access control which helps ensure that trading partners can only view information they own.
The fantasy city covers about 16 feet square, incorporating seven dozen potted poppies, 25 tons of fine-grained sand trucked in from Fillmore in Ventura County.
Expands Market Leading Identity Management Portfolio With New Fine-Grained Entitlement Enforcement Engine and Directory Proxy Server
Performance content - Acquisition of passed to the HEnckselplEntzen in Heilbronn by the inhabitants Good Green : - Shredding of green goods at the respective HEnckselplatz including surveying the chopped material : - Removal of the shredded green material (= chopped material), which is not used as a fine-grained, and the further processing and recycling (80% of total) : - To produce a given amount of the principal so-called fine-grain and provision to the HEnckselplEntzen in the district for delivery to the population (about 20% of total) : - Disposal of the impurities present in the green waste
The swirling of such currents would erode coarse-grained soils faster than fine-grained sediments, so that model predicts that larger lakes would turn up in areas with coarse soils.
The CocoBase Enterprise O/R Mapping tool provides JBoss developers' rapid development with fine-grained, fully extendable, Object to Relational mapping layer.