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Synonyms for fine-textured

having a smooth, fine-grained structure

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Often sitting out-of-band, they cannot provide both a centralized management view and the fine-grain virtualization that is needed to simplify the environment.
Early results showed little difference between using an uncoated boron carbide and an uncoated fine-grain tungsten carbide flat.
forward and inlet housings (88 lb) and discharge housing (106 lb), produced in fine-grain Inconel 718.
One-Shot DRC processing and Fine-Grain Physical Verification technology platform, which are native to PowerDRC help deliver the required accuracy, unparalleled capacity scaling and runtime performance," said Ravi Ravikumar, director of marketing at POLYTEDA.
The 3D mesh architecture supports ultra fine-grain computing problems.
SignaCert enables fine-grain endpoint measurement and validation to a trusted reference, serving all modes of trusted network connect including NAP, NAC, TNC, UAC and others.
The team's observations, which reveal that very few fine-grain silicates lie close to the star, favor the asteroid scenario, he adds.
eGuardPost supports secure SSL client connections, provides fine-grain access controls to specific resources, proxies all back-end connections protecting against virus, worm and other client "mal-ware" issues and provides full session auditing and recording (with VCR style playback) all without any client or host system software requirements.
Gradient's three-dimensional thermal analysis technology, which is fine-grain, accurate and scalable for the latest chip designs, can be integrated into UMC's existing nanometer design flows.
Constructed of fine-grain leather, its design allows for access to all ports and controls while completely protecting it from everyday wear and tear.