fine structure

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the presence of groups of closely spaced spectrum lines observed in the atomic spectrum of certain elements

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The new fine structure is calculated based on wheelbarrow capacity, with a BD20 fine now in place for each wheelbarrow of waste.
The fine structure constant, also known as alpha, has been both essential and confounding to physicists.
The carotenoids were identified according to: a) its retention time, using carotenoids standards analyzed in the same chromatographic conditions; b) its wavelength of maximum absorption ([lambda]max) on diode array detector; and c) its fine structure (% III/II--which is expressed by the ratio between the peak height of the longest-wavelength absorption band (III) and the middle absorption peak, generally [lambda]max (II), making up the minimum between the two peaks as the baseline, multiplied by 100).
We are very supportive of the work of HMRC, but surely they can make the claims burden proportionate depending on its size, along with the fine structure.
This detailed, high-resolution image quality is achieved by simultaneously enhancing fine structure while reducing noise.
The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that would end this long-standing practice and impose a statewide uniform fine structure for speeding and other low-level traffic violations.
The 18 studies this year consider such topics as the genomics of long-range regulatory elements, contrasting methods of quantifying fine structure in human recombination, the genetics of coronary artery disease, profiling the cancer genome, the genetics of early onset cognitive impairment, the ancient origin and extreme adaptations of the lactation system, the neutral theory of molecular evolution in the genomic era, shifting tactics and expanding battlefields in the evolution wars, informed consent in genomics and genetic research, and consumers' views of direct-to-consumer genetic information.
IT is distressing to see such a fine structure as Whitley Bay's Spanish City still unused and only partially renovated after lying idle and neglected for so many years.
Some of such bristles as well as the fine structure of the superficially smooth body cuticle might have been overlooked in earlier investigations that did not use scanning electron microscopy.
With elegant tannins and a fine structure, this bottle can be drunk now or cellared for another 5-10 years and makes a fantastic buy for wine lovers.
The ferrite material provides desirable magnetic characteristics and high-frequency absorption properties achieved through precise control of the fine structure, and the resin case and core material of these new filters enhance heat resistance and shock resistance.
The ball features a new PSC- Texture(tm) 'goose bump' surface, which consists of a sophisticated and extremely fine structure on the ball's outer skin that guarantees optimum grip between ball and boot.
Mancini, asked why the Italians produce such good coaches, said: "We have a fine structure to teach our people to coach at a high level.
Mancini, asked why his countrymen produce such good coaches, said: "We have a fine structure to teach our people to coach at a high level.