fine structure

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the presence of groups of closely spaced spectrum lines observed in the atomic spectrum of certain elements

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In 1929 Reinhold Furth hypothesized that p can be derived from the quadratic equation involving the fine structure constant [6].
Adams simulated conditions in other universes by simultaneously varying three parameters: the gravitational constant, which determines the strength of gravity; the fine structure constant, which sets the strength of the electromagnetic force; and a number that determines the rate of nuclear reactions, which keep stars shining.
Mancini, asked why his countrymen produce such good coaches, said: "We have a fine structure to teach our people to coach at a high level.
Noting that the parish church in Huddersfield town centre had been very much altered at different times, he claimed it never could have been a fine structure.
The fine structure of the spermatozoon of the protobranch bivalve, Nucula hartvigian Pfeiffer.
Fine structure of spermatogenesis and mature spermatozoa in Cryptocellus boneti Bolivar y Pieltain, 1941 (Arachnida, Ricinulei).
The existing fine structure is $100 for a first offense, $200 for a second and $300 for subsequent offenses.
Strong capabilities have been built in capillary and nanoscale LC separations and in the use of MS for the identification and fine structure characterization of protein samples digested by enzymes.
Figure 4 is an SEM image of an EB-PVD coating showing fine structure, which promotes geometric scattering of phonons.
As for the flow of air, the upper layer of the filter is rough and the lower part comprises a fine structure.
Under the proposed fine structure, Arsenal players would end up paying more than pounds 250,000 in penalties next season if they maintained their propensity for ill discipline.
Asuragen has developed the technology to analyze the fine structure of the fragile X repeat in females, which was practically impossible up to now.
Goodness criteria of hypotheses are inapplicable for histogram shape (the fine structure of insolvent histograms);
Photo Canvas 320 is a poly-cotton canvas featuring a fine structure.
But the new study focuses on the fine structure constant, also known as alpha.