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precipitation in very small drops

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In practice this could be done by shooting a fine spray of seawater high into the air, where the tiny salt particles would create condensation nucleii to form small cloud droplets," said co-author Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology.
The company is also pursuing new technologies such as Minimum Quantity Lubrication, which lubricates cutting tools with a fine spray of oil.
The process of breaking or atomization of the liquid fuel into tiny droplets in the form of a fine spray plays a vital role in various industrial and propulsion applications.
High-pressure systems can deliver a fine spray but also create undesirable aerosols that can drift or be breathed in.
uk) THIS refreshing fine spray works wonders in creating Sienna Miller boho waves, circa summer 2005.
This transparent fluid comes in a fine spray mist and can be applied precisely where it is needed for easier and more flexible styling convenience.
Both sprays were supplied in 100 mL brown glass bottles with a fine spray attachment and lid.
At ambient temperatures above around 85 F, the Ecodry system switches automatically into adiabatic mode, which uses a fine spray of tap water to cool the ambient air through evaporation.
In the end if was the 'gentle persuasion' of water, with firefighters shooting a fine spray at the branches above her, which forced her down.
Then try the new Bosch PFS 65 Fine Spray Gun, which uses special technology to paint both smooth and heavily textured surfaces around three times faster than brushing.
MAKING JOBS EASIER: The new PivotDriver from Black and Decker, right, and Bosch's Fine Spray Gun, above
It can be applied to the hair as a fine spray pattern that causes no foam or beading.
Just one push of the button releases a fine spray mist which feels fresh and cooling.
The researchers suspect that numerous asteroids continually bumped against each other near Zeta Leporis, producing a fine spray of rocky particles that became the planet's dusty asteroid belt.
The close-in dust around Zeta Leporis probably arose when several asteroids bumped into each other, grinding rock into a fine spray of particles, or when a large asteroid, perhaps 100 kilometers in diameter, suffered a cataclysmic wallop, Moerchen and Telesco say.