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Synonyms for fine print

a small, often specialized element of a whole

Synonyms for fine print

the part of a contract that contains reservations and qualifications that are often printed in small type

material printed in small type


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Having already calculated that a 26-issue term would not get me to the next Swimsuit issue, I followed it to the fine print to learn "based on annual subscription.
Clearly, it would behoove investors to spend more time reading the fine print.
The fine print already ludicrously figures that by 2030 A.
For consumers who are alert enough to look at the fine print, it says you will be bound by it when you use your credit card.
Before signing a lease, a tenant should make sure the fine print addresses construction allowances for improving long-term property.
County attorney Gary Fritts, who noted Fugate had unplugged his phone, said the commissioners hadn't read the fine print of Fugate's proposal and that they only wanted to officially oppose same-sex marriage.
In 1937, while experimenting with the printing process as part of the Fine Print Workshop of the Philadelphia Federal Art Project, Thrash discovered a new production method: the carborundum print.
It is filled with page after page of fine print, only occasionally interrupted by b/w charts.
Few shoppers will notice them or have time to study their fine print.
No fine print please--text size must be between 8 and 16 points.
Meanwhile, their fine print on the back said they would review my information and then decide if I'd get a gold or "classic" card (with a minimum credit limit of $500).
Too many children know" who Hitler was, the fine print admonishes; "our job" is to create a new world and erase any memory of past atrocities.
The iP3300 Photo Printer utilizes Canon's individual ink tank system and FINE print head technology that enables ink droplets to fire as small as 2 picoliters while delivering fast, borderless, photo lab quality photos up to 8.
If its critics bothered to read the fine print, they would know that under the legislation, any person found guilty of killing a law enforcement officer and fleeing the country would be subject to punishment under the federal murder statute, 18 USC, Sec.
But do you read the fine print like the Easy Reader?