finding of fact

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(law) the findings of a jury on issues of fact submitted to it for decision

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In that case, the First District Court of Appeal affirmed the Public Service Commission's rejection of an administrative law judge's finding of fact by explaining that "[t]he factual issue with which the PSC was concerned, i.
No District Court ruling to date has made any finding of fact in the case.
To date, not a single finding of fact has occurred in the light of a public arena where ITT Tech has been able to defend its reputation in courtroom or anywhere else.
A factual issue is eligible for this process if it can be resolved solely on a finding of fact and if the parties agree to the arbitrator's interpretation of law, regulation, ruling or other legal authority.
MONDAY: The Senate might vote on a finding of fact that accuses the president of misdeeds but does not convict him.
The prior law required orders to include rulings on each proposed finding of fact, or written application or other request, submitted in accordance with agency rules.